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  • 985 fleets in Europe respond to inaugural Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey
  • 3 out of 4 fleets recognized carbon footprint reduction as an important issue
  • Larger fleets are leading the field

The European Green Deal of 2019 targeted a 90% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions from transport compared with 1990 levels, and CO2 emissions of new heavy trucks, as measured by VECTO, are to be reduced by 15% in 2025, and 30% by 2030. On top, more and more end-customers and investors are opting and rewarding companies with a clear corporate social responsibility strategy.

The first 2021 Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey set out to find what transportation partners are currently doing to reduce their carbon footprint, and what they plan to achieve. Survey responses suggest sustainability has a significant prominence for operators in the transportation industry.

Sustainable transportation high on the agenda

Companies of all sizes give increased weight to the importance of more environmental practices. Three-quarters of all respondents recognized sustainability as an important or very important issue. Over half of fleets with 101 or more vehicles stated it is an intrinsic part of their company values.

“The responses to the 2021 Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey are very encouraging and underline that environmental sustainability is high on the industry’s agenda. Besides the increased focus on emission reduction while manufacturing new vehicles, fleet managers are clearly taking actions. They are responding to climate challenges in a positive way to meet carbon reduction targets and support the move towards a climate-neutral future.” says Maciej Szymanski, Director of Marketing for Commercial Business Europe at Goodyear.

By 2022, 4 out of 5 fleets have clear sustainability goals

Fleets over 500 vehicles are leading the way by incorporating an environment focused culture in their daily operations and 70% of larger fleets indicate they also have defined clear green goals. By Fall 2022, 4 out of 5 total surveyed fleets indicate they will have sustainability KPI’s in place, representing an increase of 38% vs 2021.

“While the industry moves towards a greener future it is also at a critical point as transportation and logistics providers across Europe are facing fluctuations in demand and increasing operational challenges marked by time and cost pressures as well as augmented complexity. We see a clear need for straightforward solutions meeting both sustainability and efficiency goals. To further accelerate the move, it is key to make sustainability a given.” says Szymanski.

Most popular measures and the importance of incentives

One of the most common actions being made is the renewal of vehicle parcs, with 68% of operators refreshing their fleet with cleaner options. Alternative drive trains are on the rise, fleets with over 500 vehicles, 43% are switching to electric, hybrid, or LNG-powered vehicles.

About sixty percent of fleets are already using more fuel-efficient tyres. In that context, Goodyear is supporting truck manufacturers and transportation companies in their move towards a greener future. The recently launched Goodyear FUELMAX ENDURANCE tyre has low rolling resistance and durability attributes that aid fleets with their sustainability goals without adding complexity in the daily operations.

To further decrease their carbon footprint, fleets are opting for retreading (42%). With the reuse the tyre carcass and less raw materials, waste and energy involved in the production, this is another straightforward solution for fleets to lower their carbon footprint. Goodyear retreading uses the same quality treads as for its new tyres, offering similar performance.

Additional measures to improve fleet environmental sustainability include the optimization of driver behaviors such as eco-driving techniques. Fifty-five percent of operators already employ this practice, with the setting of fuel consumption objectives also underway.

Of fleets surveyed, 45% state they are familiar with upcoming environmental legislation applicable to the transportation industry, including environmental incentives and taxation schemes, in addition to other more restrictive regulations.

Financial incentives such as tax breaks are key motivators for more than 70% of questioned fleets. A third or surveyed companies view sustainability as a way to reduce operating costs.

Cost and complexity putting a brake on green mobility

Main blocker to take even more sustainability actions is cost, over 60% indicated some solutions are too expensive. Seventy-nine percent of fleets with more than 500 vehicles report they would be encouraged to make greater improvements if financial incentives were available.

Forty-five percent of companies state more sustainable solutions are too complex to be integrated into their everyday activity. However, haulers recognize the power of data-intelligence. 54% of operators now implement telematic solutions to help improve fuel efficiency and reduce emissions.

Goodyear’s full suite of one-stop tyre and fleet management solutions can be easily integrated into fleet operations. Goodyear’s Drive-Over-Reader and DrivePoint provide automated tyre analysis in seconds every time a vehicle visits the yard. Goodyear TPMS gives real-time data to operators and allows full connectivity to ZF’s Transics-branded FMS (FleetManagementSolutions) portfolio including a web-based back-office solution (TX CONNECT) and portal providing insights into the technical performance and health of the trailer park (TX TRAILERFIT).

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About Sustainable Reality Survey

Within the Sustainable Reality Survey, Goodyear invited fleets from across Europe to express their views on sustainability. 985 fleets from 36 European countries participated during August and September 2021. The full report is available on demand, please contact your regular press contact at Goodyear. 

Working with non-profit organization TreeNation, one tree has been planted for each survey participant, further underlining Goodyear’s commitment and Corporate Responsibility framework Better Future.