Brussels, Belgium,
12:30 PM

Goodyear Winter Press Pack 2021

Why winter tires? Optimised for colder weather conditions, from cold dry asphalt to ice-covered roads, winter tires are designed to keep your vehicle putting its best footprint forward in the winter months. Featuring different technologies and capabilities to summer tires, designing the perfect winter tire is a unique challenge. In the Goodyear Winter Press Pack 2021, find out the benefits of winter tires, explore Goodyear’s range of winter tires, and understand the technology and development that goes into designing and producing a Goodyear winter tire for a number of applications.

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Why winter tires?

1. The importance of winter tires

2. Safe winter driving

3. How to maximise EV range in winter

4. Goodyear guide to driving in Europe


Goodyear's winter tire family

5. Choosing the right tire


Goodyear's winter tire excellence

6. Designing a winter tire

7. Innovative ideas

8. Tires in action