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Goodyear Winter Press Pack 2021 - How to maximise EV range in winter

The switch to zero emission mobility is well and truly underway. Promising a relaxing drive and enhanced comfort thanks to near silent drivetrains, electric vehicles (EV) are here to stay. However, most EV batteries operate most efficiently at similar temperatures to humans. So, just like humans, at extremely cold – or hot – temperatures, they don’t perform to their best. 

Cold temperatures deplete EV battery range, giving you less theoretical distance with which you can drive. And although ‘range anxiety’ is fast becoming a thing of the past, there are simple actions you can undertake which will extend the distance you can drive your EV in colder winter conditions that are much harder on your battery. 

Goodyear’s UltraGrip Performance+ winter tires fit many electric vehicles and are fitted as standard equipment on popular EVs such as the Volkswagen ID.3. Other leading EV manufacturers such as Audi, Porsche and Tesla, have also chosen Goodyear tires, trusting its commitment to developing products that deliver the performance electric vehicles require. Working with all major OEMs on electric and hybrid mobility, half of Goodyear’s original equipment tire developments in Europe are for EVs and hybrids.

The UltraGrip family of winter tires improve tire mileage, but there are also tips EV drivers can follow to maximize their range this winter. 

Charge up

When it’s cold, EV batteries take longer to charge. Therefore, don’t run your battery down to a low level, and try to keep the battery level to a 20% minimum charge. In harsher and colder temperatures, the initial car warming process will use some of the available charge to get you moving. Charge overnight in the winter, and if you can, park your EV in a garage, so it’s not exposed to the coldest of conditions.


You can save energy before you’ve even left your house and started your journey. If your car is plugged in and charging, pre-condition your EV so that it starts to defrost and warm up when it’s especially cold. This can usually be done via a smartphone app from inside the house, and if the car is plugged in, it won’t use your battery’s precious energy and you’ll have more to use on the move.

Slowly does it

For some drivers, one of the most appealing aspects of driving an electric car is the instant acceleration. However, fast starts negatively impact the battery charge levels, so it’s best to move off slowly to conserve energy and range. This is even more important in colder winter conditions when road surfaces are slippery. Driving prudently means you’ll instantly be safer, too, and Goodyear’s UltraGrip Performance+ tires Winter Grip technology contains a mix of new compounds that provide better rubber elasticity at low temperatures for increased adhesion on snow. The high power and torque of EVs mean they can be very quick under acceleration, but the enhanced grip of Goodyear’s UltraGrip Performance+ tires aids this very delicate handling and power balance.

Maintain pressures

Goodyear’s UltraGrip Performance+ features Traction Protect technology, which thanks to a new resin improves the tire’s deformation and reformation capabilities, allowing enhanced braking forces to translate into greater grip. Nonetheless, an important safety tip is to keep the correct pressures in your tires as the temperatures drop. Colder spells make the air in your tires shrink, decreasing the pressure. Tires give optimum performance and provide the best traction at their correct pressures. Due to increased rolling resistance, an EV’s efficiency also drops when it’s riding on under-inflated tires, so it’s vital to maintain the correct pressures to conserve range and stay safe.

Mileage Plus technology

New innovations such as Mileage Plus technology enable Goodyear’s latest UltraGrip 9+ and UltraGrip Performance+ SUV winter tires to perform for longer, throughout the colder seasons. The latest UltraGrip Performance+ is also notable for its low rolling resistance, helping conserve energy. It scored an impressive 99.6% for rolling resistance in the recent Auto Express group test1.

Laurent Colantonio, Goodyear’s Regional Technology Director for Consumer Tires in EMEA, says: “Whether you’re a new or established EV driver, Goodyear’s award winning UltraGrip family caters for all types of electric vehicles. As well as offering increased traction and better braking performance and excellent mileage, low rolling resistance for lower energy consumption gives drivers more electric car range in challenging winter conditions.”

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(1) Auto Express Winter driving special, 5 Oct 2021