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Goodyear Winter Press Pack 2021 - Choosing the right tire

  • UltraGrip and UltraGrip Performance+ winter tire range caters for every vehicle
  • 13% more mileage than predecessor for UltraGrip Performance+ SUV
  • 13% better ice braking performance than competitor for UltraGrip Arctic 2

When winter’s colder conditions arrive, tire choice is crucial, especially in extreme weather countries. Optimized for temperatures of 7°C and under, winter tires prioritize traction and braking performance. But which winter tire is right for your vehicle? 

Goodyear’s wide range of UltraGrip and UltraGrip Performance+ winter tires has all vehicles covered, from the most popular SUV and sub-compacts, through to more exclusive luxury cars. Packed with innovations to make winter driving safer and more comfortable, the range is designed to meet the demanding needs of car manufacturers and drivers across Europe. 

UltraGrip Performance+ SUV

The versatility and practicality of Sports Utility Vehicles (SUVs) are now enjoyed by many drivers, and the winter premium SUV market is one of the fastest growing in the tire industry. In addition to a more commanding driving position, drivers are looking for tires that bolster their needs for safety as well as secure traction.

Covering the SUV and crossover market from the compact urban segment through to premium large 4x4s, in sizes from 16” to 20”, the new UltraGrip Performance+ SUV tire builds on the award-winning UltraGrip Performance+ tire1, and offers the latest in Goodyear innovation. The high tread elasticity Mileage Plus Technology delivers improved wear resistance, as well as 13% more mileage and 2% shorter braking distances when compared to its predecessor2.

Other features include Winter Grip Technology compounds that boost rubber elasticity at low temperatures for increased grip on both snow and ice. The advanced Traction Protect Technology resin improves the UltraGrip Performance+ SUV’s deformation and reformation capabilities, transmitting braking forces into grip faster. 

UltraGrip Performance+ 

Suitable for high-performance cars, the Goodyear UltraGrip Performance+ has Traction Protect and Winter Grip technologies that give short braking distances in wet and dry conditions as well as improved grip on snow and ice. Featuring Goodyear SoundComfort technology, the UltraGrip Performance+ delivers a quieter and comfortable ride as it reduces your vehicle’s interior noise level by up to 50%3. 

V-shaped tread grooves quickly channel water away from the tire surface, delivering high aquaplaning resistance and an optimal stiffness that provides confident wet and dry handling. Circumferential saw grooves in the tread also offer secure grip on slippery winter roads, and sipes improve grip and braking on hard-packed snow and ice. 

UltraGrip 9+

Ideal for compact to mid-size cars, the UltraGrip 9+ is a tire that features Mileage Plus technology, which protects it from cracks and detachment of rubber particles caused by rougher road conditions. This gives improved mileage performance and Winter Grip Technology gives excellent grip on snow and ice.

UltraGrip Cargo

Goodyear’s UltraGrip range of tires isn’t just suitable for cars and off-road vehicles. Drivers of commercial vehicles who want to keep their van on the road in the harshest winter conditions can choose the UltraGrip Cargo, which has outstanding braking performance on snow thanks to a specialized arrangement of sipes to increase their density. The UltraGrip Cargo also improves the total cost of ownership by improving the tire’s mileage. 

UltraGrip Arctic 2 and UltraGrip Arctic 2 SUV

Designed for more extreme markets such as the Nordic countries. For added safety, Goodyear’s UltraGrip Arctic 2 tires come with next generation Arctic Eagle Claw stud technology. As well as delivering excellent performance on ice and snow, UltraGrip Arctic 2 tires give a more comfortable drive than their predecessors due to 9% lower interior noise levels compared to their predecessors4, thanks to a new cushion which absorbs noise when the stud hits the road. 

Up to 220 Arctic Eagle Claw Studs are fitted to each tire. Their sharp pin shape gives optimal ice grip, combined with an innovative anchoring system for improved stud retention of the tire which enables ice performance throughout the tire’s lifetime. This means the UltraGrip Arctic 2 has 13% better braking performance on ice compared to the next best-tested competitor5. 

UltraGrip Ice 2 and UltraGrip Ice SUV (Gen-1)

Goodyear has put the best of its winter expertise into the development of UltraGrip Ice 2 and UltraGrip Ice SUV (Gen-1) tires that meet the harsh conditions of countries in the arctic region. With good performance and handling characteristics, in addition to acceleration grip in snow and icy conditions, the UltraGrip Ice 2 provides enhanced braking performance on wet roads, too. 

Formulated for the special requirements of SUVs in extreme winter regions, the UltraGrip Ice SUV (Gen-1) has an IceGrip tread compound which adapts to very cold temperatures. The soft compound maintains a high flexibility at very low temperatures, and its low stiffness and more stickiness permits optimal driving performance on ice and snow.

ActiveGrip Technology also plays an important role. A larger footprint provides more surface contact for improved stability, as well as enhanced grip and braking performance, and a specific tread pattern with angled blocks deliver optimized traction.

Laurent Colantonio, Goodyear’s Regional Technology Director for Consumer Tires in EMEA, explains: “A one size fits all approach doesn’t cater for the diverse needs of drivers and car manufacturers. Goodyear’s award winning UltraGrip portfolio has been expanded to 25 very specific designs of tire, all focused on keeping drivers moving this winter.”

Whichever winter tire you choose, be sure to select the correct one for your vehicle. Pay special attention to the sidewall markings that tell you the size, the load capacity and the speed rating. After all, however good an excellent-performing winter tire is, it can only behave to its best when it is matched to the correct vehicle.

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