10:04 AM

Goodyear launches Pan-European Goodyear TruckForce Service Excellence Awards

  • Quarterly awards to celebrate outstanding service in the commercial vehicle sector
  • Recognising excellence across over 2,000 European service locations
  • Inaugural Goodyear TruckForce Service Excellence Award winners announced

Goodyear has launched the Goodyear TruckForce Service Excellence Awards to recognise exemplary performance and service from network partners in the commercial vehicle sector.

TruckForce is a Pan-European service provider network specialising in the complete lifecycle management of commercial truck tires, including preventative maintenance, replacement, regrooving, retreading and roadside assistance. With over 2,000 fleet service locations across Europe, Goodyear has chosen to shine a spotlight on the unsung heroes who keep transport and logistics moving forward.

In launching the TruckForce Service Excellence Award programme, Goodyear not only wants to highlight the outstanding service from its network partners but also reward those that take a forward-looking approach on topics such as sustainability, training and innovation.

Adam Stanton, European Network & Service Manager for Goodyear Commercial said: “For over two decades, TruckForce has delivered high service levels to commercial vehicle operators across Europe. By promoting both brilliant service delivery and innovative ideas, the awards will drive collaboration between Goodyear, TruckForce partners and our fleet customers to push to address their evolving needs and achieve even higher levels of customer satisfaction in the future.”

To launch the TruckForce awards, Goodyear has announced the first five winners, spanning five of the biggest truck and bus markets in Europe. The winners of the 2021 First Quarter Goodyear TruckForce Service Excellence Awards include service partners in the Netherlands, France, United Kingdom, Germany and Spain.

Starting with Pouw Banden, the Dutch tire specialist’s TruckForce accolade builds on its certification from TUV Netherlands that recognised its work embracing sustainability. Its Nieuwegein depot has an environmental focus with LED lighting and solar panels, an exclusively Euro 6 compliant fleet and even the reusing of air as tires are deflated.

British service partner DMH has been recognised for its commitment and investment to cover new areas of the country through the growth of its fleet service footprint. Similarly, Neumaticos Sureste has embraced Goodyear’s Total Mobility offering by demonstrating the added value of one integrated tyre management to its fleet customers. This smart combination of expert service, predictive tyre maintenance, connected tyre monitoring solutions has helped Spanish operators improve fleet efficiency whilst reducing running costs.

German Reifenborse Arnold and French Yoann Pneus service partners have both been recognised with a TruckForce Award for using eJob to deliver best-in-class service for customers. The innovative eJob tool semi automates and streamlines the total truck and bus fleet inspection process from registration to maintenance, roadside assistance, retreading and warranty. The eJob App allows TruckForce technicians to instantly record and receive job and tyre information on mobile devices, enabling instant access to vehicle information and allowing fleet managers to see the status of the work on their vehicles in real time.

Adam Stanton, European Network & Service Manager for Goodyear Commercial added: “Our first five winners show the breadth and depth of the TruckForce service offering. In an ever more demanding fleet environment, the awards highlight how our service partners are using Goodyear’s Total Mobility initiatives such as FleetOnlineSolutions, Goodyear TPMS, Goodyear Drive-Over-Reader, ServiceLine24h and our Multiple Life tire concept to help customers keep moving in an efficient, safe, professional and cost-effective manner. Our partners keep Europe moving and we are delighted to recognise their initiative and proactivity with the first ever Goodyear TruckForce Service Excellence Awards.”