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Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey 2023: Fuel efficient tires play a vital role in sustainable fleet management

Goodyear’s third annual Sustainable Reality Survey found that fleets across Europe recognise the importance and benefits of efficient tires, with tires coming out on top as the most popular changeable component when it comes to maximising fleet efficiency.

The survey asked fleets to name what they currently have in place to hit their sustainability targets. 56% of fleets reported that they already use fuel efficient tires. The only solution more popular among fleets is updating the vehicle fleet (62%) as the industry continues its transition towards electric vehicles and more efficient powertrains.

Across Europe, 56% of fleets participating in the survey, use fuel efficient tires, with 42% reporting the use of retreaded tires. Fleets that use the Goodyear retreading solutions can cut overall tire expenditure by 10%1 and extend tire life up to an additional 150%1. While using existing resources as much as possible, Goodyear’s retreading process uses 56% less crude oil for manufacturing2.

Widespread use of fuel efficient tires among megafleets

The survey found that 70% of megafleets use fuel efficient tires to help them achieve their sustainability targets. A megafleet is defined as having more than 500 vehicles in operation. That category also reported the highest use of retreaded tires.

To provide even more support for fleets and transport companies, in 2021 Goodyear introduced an advanced and versatile product line named FUELMAX ENDURANCE, designed for enhanced fuel efficiency. This collection of tires, intended for both steer and drive axles, presents an innovative solution tailored to transportation and logistics firms that operate across highways as well as secondary or state roads—often referred to as inter-regional applications.

This range is poised to assist numerous European fleets and truck manufacturers in diminishing their carbon footprint. It accomplishes this by harmonizing the renowned fuel efficiency associated with long-haul applications alongside the ruggedness, traction, and endurance necessary for driving on secondary and state roads. This product line stands as its most adaptable and fuel-efficient Goodyear truck tire offering to date.

Another example is Goodyear FUELMAX PERFORMANCE – Goodyear’s ultimate fuel-saving steer axle tire. It is designed for long-haul, highway use and helps bring down fuel costs and CO2 emissions. The tire is specially designed for highways, delivers minimum rolling resistance and helps you meet CO2 emission reduction targets.

Maciej Szymański, Marketing Director Commercial Europe at Goodyear: “This year’s edition of the Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey found that the popularity of using tire technology to increase efficiency correlates to the size of the fleet. This is likely due to the upfront cost of buying the best in class tire. However, savings over the lifetime of the tire add up, particularly when coupled to a combined package of tires, solutions and services like Goodyear Total Mobility that will maximise the product’s lifecycle and effectiveness.

The results from the survey are certainly positive, with many fleets acknowledging the difference an exceptional tire can make” adds Szymański. “Excellent tires provide a business with instant improvements in efficiency, and well-maintained tires can last thousands of kilometres further. Goodyear has both the products and solutions that help fleets maximise the efficiency and life of their tires, whether it's with automated monitoring systems or state-of-the-art algorithms that helps the managers to deal with the issues before they lead to avoidable downtime.”

Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey 2023 results one-pager

(1)         Based on internal analysis, comparing the use of a new Goodyear tyre versus a new Goodyear tyre that is regrooved, retreaded and regrooved a second time.

(2)        Based on internal data

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