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Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey 2023: European transport fleets seek support during difficult situation in the industry

Goodyear has concluded its third edition of annual Sustainable Reality Survey, which involved over 1,600 European fleets.

Each year, Goodyear sets out to examine sustainability trends in the commercial vehicle and haulage industry through its Sustainable Reality Survey. It looks at what fleets are currently doing to improve their environmental and operational footprint, as well as discussing barriers to progress.

In 2023, 68% of fleets surveyed claimed sustainability was important, compared to 71% in 2022, with less fleets having formalised sustainability goals in place (33%). Especially among large fleets (over 500 vehicles), this level is still very high, as in previous years (75%).

Fuel efficient tires continue to play a significant role in driving sustainability in commercial fleets

Tires remain one the most popular changeable component when it comes to maximising fleet efficiency. 56% of fleets reported that they already use fuel efficient tires. This was beaten only by renewal of vehicle parc (62%) as the industry continues its transition towards electric vehicles and more efficient powertrains.

An example of a tire that fits into this trend is Goodyear FUELMAX ENDURANCE which minimises rolling resistance without compromising performance, safety and durability. Equipping a fleet with Goodyear’s FUELMAX ENDURANCE range can result  up to 2% reduction in CO2, which equates to saving 40,000 litres of fuel per year for a 100-vehicle fleet.[1]

Goodyear Total Mobility: A solution to improve sustainability and the bottom line

Goodyear actively responds to the expectations and challenges indicated by European fleets. The survey found that fleet operators wanted assurance that investing in solutions would reap profitable benefits, with 46% expressing this as a priority, as well as solutions that are easy to implement and use. Goodyear Total Mobility offering is helping fleets to drive results and become more efficient, more competitive and more sustainable. This can be achieved by combining advanced fleet management solutions, mobile applications and fuel efficient tires.

Maciej Szymański, Marketing Director Commercial Europe at Goodyear: “We are excited to present the findings of the Sustainable Reality Survey 2023, which for the third year in a row shed light on the evolving perspectives and attitudes towards sustainability. The results are a barometer of the mood in the industry and this year we can clearly see that the challenges we are seeing - such as cost pressure, driver shortages or the overall performance of transport fleets translate into the perception and actions in terms of sustainability efforts. For Goodyear, this is a clear signal that the role of our Goodyear Total Mobility offering is even more important, as it can bring real financial benefits as well as help achieve sustainability goals without adding additional complexity to the daily operations of transport fleets.

Being more efficient, competitive and sustainable becomes more important than ever, so we are happy to keep supporting fleets in driving their results with Goodyear products, solutions and services.”

In conjunction with the Sustainable Reality Survey, Goodyear is also proud to support reforestation programs across the world, and has pledged to plant more than 1,700 trees in 2023. In three editions of the study, Goodyear has already supported the planting of over 5,300 trees in partnership with Tree-Nation.

Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey 2023 results one-pager

[1] Based on VECTO calculation, difference between C-EU Tire label and B-EU tire label for fuel efficiency. Switching from a C-label to a fuel-efficient B- label tire represents a reduction of 2% in CO2 reduction. This translates into a saving of about 1 tonne CO2 emissions and 400L of fuel per truck, per year.

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