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Goodyear strengthens award-winning range with launch of EfficientGrip Compact 2

New summer tire to serve the 14- and 15-inch passenger vehicle market.

Goodyear has announced the release of the EfficientGrip Compact 2, a tire designed to optimise performance in compact cars, strengthening the EfficientGrip offering for the small passenger vehicle segment.

The EfficientGrip Compact 2 is part of the wider award-winning EfficientGrip family, including the EfficientGrip Performance 2, EfficientGrip 2 SUV and EfficientGrip Cargo 2. It adds to an already comprehensive range of Goodyear tires, servicing 14” and 15” wheel sizes. The premium summer tire segment accounts for 34% of the compact vehicle market.1

With a wide range of available sizes, the EfficientGrip Compact 2 is able to serve more than 75% of the current compact car market. 

Technological enhancements include Dry Stability Technology, which maximises the tire’s contact patch to ensure improved performance. This is achieved with an optimised pattern in the shoulder area.

Additionally, Goodyear’s Wet Grip Technology ensures optimal grip in the wet by including a high quantity of gripping edges that disperse surface water. Sipes cut across the tire tread channel water away from the contact patch, providing enhanced all-round wet grip.

Sonia Leneveu, Director Marketing Consumer Europe, Goodyear: “The EfficientGrip Compact 2 brings more performance to our range of compact car tires. It remains an important market segment for the industry and means we have our best ever line-up of products. Goodyear’s award-winning EfficientGrip range continues to go from strength to strength, now serving a larger proportion of the automotive market than ever before.” 

1Source: Europool 2022, summer tire rims of 16 inches and below.

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