Goodyear EfficientGrip 2 SUV offers exceptional mileage and strong performance on wet and dry


Goodyear has announced the launch of its latest summer SUV product, the EfficientGrip 2 SUV. Successor to EfficientGrip SUV, the EfficientGrip 2 SUV offers exceptional mileage and strong performance on wet and dry.

 “SUVs represent a growing proportion of the European car park. We are proud to be launching this latest product that takes SUV drivers further while offering them the performance they are looking for,” said Piotr Nagalski, Director of Marketing for Goodyear Europe.

SUVs are forecast to represent 43% of total new vehicle sales in Europe by 2025, up from 37% in 2020[1]. When it comes to tyres, the two main attributes SUV drivers are looking for are excellent braking and grip on wet roads[2].

A number of innovative features allow the EfficientGrip 2 SUV to provide increased mileage while delivering a high level of performance:

  • A 25% improvement in mileage versus the EfficientGrip SUV[3], thanks to Goodyear’s mileage plus technology, which offers high tread elasticity and flexibility, resulting in less fractures from rough road conditions over a wide range of temperatures.
  • Shorter braking on wet surfaces thanks to an increased number of longer gripping edges combined with lower compound stiffness, which improves water evacuation.
  • Shorter dry braking thanks to more contact surface and larger ribs at the center of the tread.

A competitive line-up of 52 new SKUs covering sizes from 16-inch to 22-inch tires will be introduced between January 2021 and February 2022.

“With extra mileage and a number of SKUs featuring high load indexes, EfficientGrip 2 SUV tyres are ideally suited not just for the demands of SUVs, but also for electric vehicles,” Nagalski concluded.

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