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Regions in the east of UK more confident driving in adverse weather, finds Goodyear survey

Findings from a recent Goodyear survey suggest that all-season tyres could give Brits more confidence when driving in the winter.

In the UK, most drivers are familiar with driving in wintry conditions. However, drivers in the east of England feel more confident in these conditions than those in western regions of the country, according to data from Goodyear’s Winter Driving Attitudes Survey1, which measured driver confidence in heavy rain, snow and icy conditions. 

The survey found that just 12%1 of Brits prepare for winter by changing from summer tyres to winter-ready tyres. This compares to 54% of German and 83% of Polish drivers. 

The UK is the northernmost country in Europe without mandatory winter tyre legislation, despite its coldest months frequently experiencing temperatures below 7 degrees, the point at which a winter-ready fitment is recommended over a summer tyre.

The survey explored driving fears in heavy rain, fog, snow, and ice. Regions on the east coast of the UK (East of England (69%)2, Yorkshire and Humber (69%) and North East (68%) on average reported higher confidence in adverse weather, with the East Midlands (61%), the North West (61%), Scotland (61%) and Northern Ireland (58%) reporting below-average levels of confidence.

Take the fear out of winter driving

In many European countries, drivers use summer and winter tyres at different times of the year to ensure they are maximising the grip and safety of their vehicles all year round. With modern tyre technology allowing for all-season tyres to rival the benefits of interchangeable summer and winter fitments, it can be the best choice for drivers who prefer not to switch. 

An all-season tyre offers optimised performance all year round, with a larger temperature range where the tyre will perform optimally.

Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 is an all-season tyre that carries the industry-recognised three-peak mountain snowflake (3PMSF) approval mark, meaning it is specifically designed to operate on snow and has undergone specific tests to support this symbol. 

On the wet roads of the UK, Goodyear’s Aqua Control Technology makes sure water is consistently dispersed across the tyre’s contact patch, and drivers can expect excellent wet performance across the lifespan of the tyre, due to its grooves that evolve throughout their lifetime to continuously ensure water dispersion. Goodyear’s Dry Handling Technology delivers precise turn-in and control with reinforced shoulder blocks, so grip on dry roads is assured all year round. 

Its excellent performance has won numerous tyre tests across Europe, including from AutoExpress, which named it “the best choice for the UK” in winter3, and the prestigious German publication Auto Bild4, which also named it its ‘Green tyre 2022’ winner.

Andy Marfleet, Goodyear Director Marketing UK & Ireland: “The take up of all-season and winter tyres in the UK is generally low compared to other European countries. Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 allows drivers to have grip and confidence all year round with a compound that is resistant to stiffening in low temperatures. Results from the survey concluded that countries with high all-season tyre usage also have higher confidence. 1

“The tyre features technology to reduce cabin noise, while its excellent rolling resistance and efficiency has won the Green tyre award from Auto Bild4. This makes it particularly suitable for electric vehicles, which are becoming increasingly popular in the UK.”

This year, Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3 is available in more sizes than ever, including for some of the country’s most popular electric vehicles.

  1. The Winter Driving Attitudes Survey was commissioned by Goodyear and carried out on its behalf by 2Europe
  2. Percentage calculated with the region’s average confidence score. A higher percentage figure correlates to higher reported confidence.
  3. Test conducted by AutoExpress: Best SUV all-season tyres 2023. Article published 31st October 2023. Tyre size 235/55R18 tested.
  4. Auto Bild issue 39-2022. Test car: Volkswagen Polo. Test size: 195/55R16. Test winner 2022: Goodyear Vector 4Seasons Gen-3. 35 all-season tyres tested.