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Most important festive purchase revealed - generosity wins this Christmas

Christmas is all about the gift of giving, according to a recent survey1 which found the most important purchases made during the festive season.

Commissioned by Goodyear to highlight the key role played by transport fleets at Christmas, the survey concluded gifts for children, partners and family were top of the list.

Significantly, the public was largely unconcerned with self-indulgence, with the fewest people anonymously telling researchers that gifts for themselves were of high importance.

People buy gifts for themselves less often than snacks, advent calendars and greeting cards, with only 33% of respondents saying that greeting cards are an important part of their Christmas tradition. 

Miracle on every street

Focusing on online shopping and home deliveries, the survey found a direct correlation between the importance of gifts and the likelihood that someone will buy them online. Gifts for families topped the list of most likely to purchase online, with food items ranking the lowest. 

The only items to go against that trend were Christmas dinner ingredients, which people are less likely to buy online, and greetings cards which, while consensually unpopular, were among the most popular online purchases.  

Each year, roughly 1.65 billion tonnes of goods are lifted in the UK2, 275 times the weight of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Thousands of transport fleets are making this happen, all running to schedules that require efficiency and competitiveness while targeting sustainability objectives.

According to the survey, the average household expects to receive 11-15 deliveries during December, and 5% expect to rely on delivery services more than 26 times. This reflects the added pressure put on delivery drivers and fleets nationwide. 

In December 2022, online purchases accounted for 27.1%3 of the total UK retail sales, doubling since 2015 and increasing tenfold since 2006.  

Behind every Christmas delivery is a logistical marvel that makes it possible for an order to be packaged, shipped and delivered within hours. It comprises many complex steps in a supply chain underpinned by efficiency, competitiveness and sustainability targets: from sorting in the warehouse to long-haul freight by land, air and sea. 

Unsung heroes - the transport fleets

With tire management solutions provided by Goodyear, delivery vehicle fleets can boost their efficiency and reliability. 

Nicola Stopford, Commercial Marketing Manager UK&I, Goodyear: “With the increase in dependence on transport fleet efficiency during Christmas and winter, we are proud that our products and solutions support thousands of drivers across the UK and Ireland. 

“The popularity of online shopping has only been possible thanks to sophisticated haulage and logistics networks, which operate around the clock ensuring that our loved ones get that extra special gift this Christmas. 

“Using fleet mobility solutions like Goodyear TPMS, Goodyear CheckPoint or Goodyear DrivePoint, the company supports transport fleets to maximise a vehicle’s time on the road and the overall efficiency of deliveries. Drivers are also far less likely to be stranded with tyre-related issues, making the lives of fleet operators easier and helping every package reach its final destination.”

About Goodyear Total Mobility:

Goodyear Total Mobility offering is an end-to-end approach designed to support fleets efficiency, increase competitiveness and accompany fleets’ sustainable targets with Goodyear’s integrated products, services and mobility solutions. All those elements are connected with the modern web and mobile applications, powered with data processing, demonstrating Goodyear’s expertise in supporting transport fleets in the future and demanding transport ecosystem. 

“With thousands of trucks travelling up and down the UK each day delivering goods, innovative fleet mobility solutions have never been more essential,” adds Stopford. “When it comes to general maintenance, efficiency and competitiveness, Goodyear Total Mobility ticks every box and helps fleets to drive results.” 


1. Online survey conducted from November to December 2023 with 91 participants.

2. Domestic Road Freight Statistics, United Kingdom July 2021-June 2022:

3. Office for National Statistics: Internet sales as a percentage of total retail sales (ratio) (%)


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