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Goodyear joins forces with ZF to provide one-stop tyre and fleet management support

Extended Goodyear Total Mobility offer including ZF's advanced transics-branded fleet management solutions to optimise truck-trailer mobility and drive operational efficiency for transport and logistics companies across Europe

  • One stop connected tyre and fleet management solutions to maximize vehicle and fleet safety, efficiency and uptime
  • Goodyear and ZF will provide industry-leading support and flexibility for Europe’s commercial vehicle fleets and trailer manufacturers
  • Enhanced offer will contribute to sustainable transport and support customers meeting regulatory compliance, plus benefiting from dedicated incentive schemes

Goodyear today announced that it has entered a long-term agreement with ZF, a global technology company supplying systems for passenger cars, commercial vehicles and industrial technology.  The strategic collaboration will bring together Goodyear’s Total Mobility and ZF’s Transics branded Fleet Management Solutions (FMS) capabilities.

The expanded suite of high performing tyres and interoperable data-driven tyre and fleet management solutions will offer transportation companies a one-stop solution enabling more efficient and sustainable operations. The customizable value proposition offered by Goodyear and ZF will further ease the digital transformation process for fleets and OEMS by connecting multiple data streams from one common telematics hardware.

“The turnkey proposition proposed by Goodyear and ZF is addressing the growing complexity linked to demanding fleet operations,” said Grégory Boucharlat, Vice President, Commercial Europe for Goodyear. “It enables operators to stay agile and make informed decisions to boost vehicle uptime, promote more economical driving, extend the service life of tyres and assets, lower emissions and improve customer service delivery management based on an integrated tyre and fleet dataset translated into actionable insights.”

“ZF’s collaboration with Goodyear harnesses the expertise and extensive capabilities of two industry-leaders behind a shared conviction to offer European fleets and trailer builders the benefits of a one-stop Fleet Management solution.“ said Peter Bal, Business Leader – Digital Customer Services, EMEA with ZF’s Commercial Vehicle Control System division. “Our ability to supply an integrated solution, with reduced hardware investment, means customers can benefit from simplified operations as they seek to gain further efficiency, as well as enhanced safety and cargo security.”

One-stop solution for smart tyre and trailer managementIn 2019, Goodyear introduced its customizable Goodyear Total Mobility value proposition, providing full tyre monitoring and management insights from mounting the right tyres per type of operations, planning proactive maintenance and retreading. The innovative offer includes the Goodyear Tyre Pressure Monitoring system with proprietary G-Predict algorithm providing real-time proactive alerts and preventing up to 90% of tyre related breakdowns.1 

Through an interoperable and flexible solution, based on a single telematics unit, called TX-TRAILERPULSETM, customers can now access the services and support of both companies including ZF’s Transics FMS solutions:

  • combining TX-TRAILERPULSETM solution and TX-TRAILERFITTM insights with FleetOnlineSolutions tyre management of Goodyear will provide a full view on the performance, usage and health of both tyres and the trailer park. Fleets will benefit in terms of faster service, precise tyre mileage insights, avoiding premature tyre change and trailer maintenance. Truck and trailer rental companies can provide increased transparency linked to accurate trailer and tyre-use by the end customer.
  • TX-CONNECTTM shares real-time data on the trailer position, geofencing, traffic and enables customer’s cargo follow-up. Service providers can access the data as well to plan proactive maintenance during waiting and resting times.

The integrated tyre and fleet management offer will bring visibility and operational efficiency to a new height, in terms of:

  • Flexibility - customers select a service and solution package in line with their needs
  • Simplification - one common hardware and integrated dashboard providing tyre, vehicle and cargo management data access, allowing further integration of brand-agnostic systems already used in the daily operations.
  • Time-savings – fact-based decision making and actionable insights to prevent downtime and plan proactive maintenance. Comprehensive set-up resulting in shorter installation time.
  • Customer experience – both partners will provide expert road and fleet assistance via a strong pan-European service network.

Supporting advanced mobility and sustainable transport objectivesThe collaboration will build on its joint data-driven monitoring and predictive analytics capabilities to help EU trailer OEMS and commercial fleets smoothly transition to future regulations including the GSR5 TPMS regulations requiring HCV’s to be progressively equipped with TPMS as of July 2022. As well as the EU General Safety Regulation mandated advanced safety functions.

Supporting greener mobility, smart monitoring technology and low rolling resistance tyres are striving to contribute to positively impacting total vehicle CO2 emissions. For example, a 100-truck fleet can lower its emissions by 4% and TCO by €40,000 a year, through fuel-cost savings by using low rolling resistance tyres.2

Moving forward, the partners will continue to deliver the very latest, future-proof and customized support for large fleets and trailer manufacturersacross Europe. 

More information can be found on Goodyear Truck. 


1. Comparison of 50 fleets and after installation of Goodyear TPMS in 2019, based on internal field tests.

2. Potential savings based on a Goodyear calculation model, taking into account the rolling resistance performance of new tyres. Actual savings may vary based upon vehicle condition and maintenance, traffic conditions, driver behaviour and other factors.

GOODYEAR and ZF JOINING FORCES - One-Stop- Tyre and Fleet management solution
GOODYEAR and ZF One-stop tyre and fleet management