How to keep getting your Motoring Kicks during Lockdown

There’s no two ways about it – lockdown is tough.

For petrolheads though, whose favourite pass-times include hitting the track, driving to a meet or watching the latest round of championship racing, the current state of affairs will be particularly stifling.

But it’s not all doom and gloom. We might not be able to now, but there are plenty of activities to keep any self-respecting car enthusiast entertained until we’re allowed, once again, to hit the road.

Work on your project car

This is a big one. It’s time to get your hands dirty and make some real headway with your project car; the one that’s been watching you from the garage, yearning for the TLC that’ll finally get it out on the road. Whether it’s a classic beauty that needs a full-blown restoration or a hot hatch that’s halfway to becoming an animal on the track, there’s no excuse during lockdown. Roll up your sleeves, get out the toolbox and make it happen.

Valet service

We all enjoy the satisfaction that comes with giving the car a good hosing down on a Sunday afternoon. But if you’re able to park your car on a drive and safely prevent any social distancing violations, why not use lockdown to go one step further, and carry out the kind of clean that you’d ordinarily have to visit a valet for? Tyres and wheel arches are often overlooked when it comes to scrubbing the car, so think about shining your tyres up with some solvent free tyre dressing. Show them some special care now, and by the time we’re allowed to hit the road again, it’ll be like setting off on a brand-new set of wheels.

Set up the Scalextric

How many of us first discovered our love of racing while playing with a Scalextric set? Living rooms, bedrooms, dining room tables… all have been to put use over the years as grounds for our very own legendary circuits. With championship racing suspended for the time being and no opportunity to visit the circuit to rack up a few laps ourselves, now is the perfect time to fetch the old set out again.

Catch up on some reading

If nothing else, lockdown presents a great opportunity to expand your knowledge. Whether it be catching up with the latest industry developments in a glossy motoring magazine – many of which still being published, despite lockdown – or finally reading your Haynes manual from cover to cover, there’s plenty of top-notch reading material to tide you over. If physical media isn’t your thing though, why not geek out online with some leading motoring influencers. Sites like DriveTribe are putting out some excellent social media content for any petrolheads who are climbing the walls, while our friends over at Tyre Reviews are perfect for anyone looking todevelop their understanding of tyres. Whatever your particular area of interest, there really is something for everyone.

Go to the movies

Most of us are likely to be using lockdown to catch up on some TV. And while, yes, there are plenty of streaming services offering a host of great new shows to watch, why not take advantage of the opportunity to tick off – or even revisit – some classic motoring movies? Whether it be more recent hits, such as Baby Driver or Le Mans ’66, or legendary classics, like Bullitt or The Italian Job, there’s sure to be something for every homebound petrolhead.

Stock up on essentials

Getting to ready to hit the road needn’t be as complex as completely renovating an old car. We all know that we should keep a safety kit in the boot of the car – but how many of us actually do? While we’re grounded, why not take the opportunity to put yours together? A warning triangle, high-vis jacket and tyre pressure gauge are all worth having, especially if you know that you’ll be racking up a large number of miles once we’re back on the road.

Take care of your tyres

Finally, just because your car is out of action too, doesn’t mean you can’t still take care of it. Tyres, for example, still require upkeep to make sure they’re at their best. Where possible, temporarily inflate them to the manufacturer’s maximum recommended pressure, so that the patches supporting the full weight of the car are fully supported.

You should also move your car regularly – even if it’s just a few feet up and down the drive – to ensure its full weight isn’t resting on the same patch of tyre for weeks on end. This will avoid flat spots forming, whereby the rubber has worn down more than the rest of the tyre, and will help to ensure that they are at their best post-lockdown.

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