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Goodyear: UK fleets lead the way when investing in sustainable solutions

  • UK fleets report higher knowledge of sustainable solutions than the European average
  • 49% of UK fleets consider sustainability “very important”, compared to an average of 36%
  • 64% of surveyed UK fleets use fuel-efficient tyres to maximise sustainability

Results from Goodyear’s recent Sustainable Reality Survey show that UK fleets are more focused on sustainability than their European counterparts. More than 1,400 fleets from 33 countries were asked about their current efforts and targets for the future.

93% of UK fleets are committed to sustainability goals, compared to the European average of 83%1. The UK industry is also in a position of strength when it comes to investing in sustainable solutions, including fuel-efficient tyres, telematics and driver training.

Goodyear plays an instrumental role in helping its customers achieve their sustainability targets by offering an integrated fleet solution. 

Goodyear’s Drive Results showroom is set to showcase Goodyear Total Mobility to UK and Irish customers on 6th and 7th July as part of a wider 2023 European Drive Results Tour that spans 15 European countries. The mobile showroom presents Goodyear’s Total Mobility, a solution that combines truck tyres, fleet solutions and services that help take fleets to the next level of performance.

Goodyear has chosen Prestwold Hall Driving Centre, near Loughborough, to host its UK Drive Results Tour date, with its full range of commercial vehicle technologies on display.

Goodyear Total Mobility: More efficient. More sustainable. More competitive.

Goodyear is set to address fleet challenges and demonstrate that effective sustainable solutions don’t have to be complex revenue trade-offs. The interactive showroom has undergone a significant upgrade since the 2022 tour, offering an even more immersive customer experience and a comprehensive overview of Goodyear’s products and solutions. 

To offer visitors an enhanced experience, the Drive Results Tour will include an engaging mix of physical and virtual features.

UK fleets: Sustainability and cost efficiency will continue to drive the adoption of mobility solutions

According to Goodyear’s 2022 Sustainable Reality Survey1, fleets continue to recognise the importance of sustainable investments, with 41% saying that reducing operational costs was a significant factor when considering new solutions. In the UK, 98% of fleets recognised the importance of sustainability, significantly higher than the European average.

Kate Norton, Sales General Manager Commercial UK & I, Goodyear: “We are proud of our ability to activate Goodyear’s commercial offering and engage customers from across the United Kingdom and Ireland. The unique mix of virtual and physical features represent Goodyear’s position of strength within the commercial vehicle industry, going beyond tyres to feature our data and mobility solutions that are helping hundreds of fleets maximise efficiency, sustainability and competitiveness. 

“Fleet operators recognise the importance of implementing solutions that will boost their overall operational performance. We help them do this by reducing downtime and fuel costs with smart and efficient Goodyear tyres.”

(1) The Sustainable Reality Survey:

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