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Dunlop takes first place in ADAC annual winter tire test

Brussels, September 2018 – ADAC, TCS and ÖAMTC have published their annual winter tire tests awarding Dunlop the first place. In the 175/65R14 tire test, Dunlop's Winter Response 2 outperformed 10 competitors [1] and was crowned as a leader in winter.
The Dunlop Winter Response 2 was praised by the editors for its strong performance in all winter conditions; from wet and snow to dry roads. Overall Winter Response 2 was deemed a very balanced and fuel-efficient tire.
Confidence in Winter conditions.
Thanks to the angle arrangement of the sipes on the shoulders of the tire, the Dunlop Winter Response 2 can better counterbalance the centrifugal force, resulting in better grip on snow and ice when cornering. Furthermore, the construction reduces deformation of the carcass, therefore improving the rolling resistance. A smooth upper sidewall and shoulder area allows for better air flow along the tire, reducing the air drag.
“Dunlop products guarantee a top performance in all possible weather conditions, including winter,” said Mike Rytokoski, Vice President, Chief Marketing Officer Europe for Dunlop. “Being awarded the first place in the ADAC, TCS and ÖAMTC tire test is another confirmation of our top quality.”
About Dunlop
Dunlop is one of the world’s leading brands for high and ultra-high performance tires with an impressive track record of motor sport successes. Dunlop’s extensive racing experience has led to innovative technologies for tires designed for everyday motoring. Always looking to maximize driving pleasure, Dunlop offers all types of motorists the performance and durability of the latest tire technologies. For more information on Dunlop, visit www.dunlop.eu
[1] Published by ADAC on September 25, 2018, Issue 19. 12 tires tested. Shared first place with Continental WinterContact TS860. Tire size: 175/65 R14 82T, test vehicle: Ford Fiesta, test location:Contidrom (Germany), Testworld (Finland).