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Sava Intensa SUV 2 focuses on budget segment with range expansion

Sava is pleased to announce the expansion of its summer tire Intensa SUV 2 range, with 15 new sizes for the SUV market. 

The European car market continues to evolve towards SUVs, with the transition to EV and hybrid powertrains accelerating the growth. Forecasts predict a compound annual growth rate of 5.5% 1 in the SUV market between 2022 and 2027. In the second half of 2022, more than half of new cars sold in Europe were SUVs. 2

The Sava Intensa SUV 2 fulfills the needs of consumers in the summer SUV budget segment.  The tire features an innovative SUV compound technology providing larger vehicles reliable performance on wet surfaces. 

Stiffened outside shoulder blocks offer enhanced strength and stiffness, helping to ensure better corner grip, stability, and precision control on dry roads. Meanwhile, a low rolling resistance tread compound rating makes it robust, helping to save money and maximize vehicle range.

Sonia Leneveu, Director Marketing Consumer Europe, Goodyear: “As Sava prepares to grow its share of the market in the budget segment, the launch of these new sizes puts the brand in a strategically strong position to capitalize on the growth of the SUV market. The Sava Intensa SUV 2 is an excellent choice for price sensitive drivers looking for a reliable high-performing SUV tire.”


New SKUs 2024

Tire Description

Start of Supply

215/60R17 96V INTENSA SUV 2

Jan 24

215/65R17 99V INTENSA SUV 2

Jan 24

225/55R19 99V INTENSA SUV 2

Jan 24

235/55R17 103V INTENSA SUV 2 XL

Jan 24

235/55R18 100V INTENSA SUV 2

Jan 24

215/70R16 100H INTENSA SUV 2

Jan 24

265/65R17 112H INTENSA SUV 2

Jan 24

225/60R17 99V INTENSA SUV 2

Mar 24

225/60R18 100H INTENSA SUV 2

Mar 24

235/50R19 99V INTENSA SUV 2 FP

Mar 24

235/55R19 105V INTENSA SUV 2 XL

Mar 24

225/65R17 102H INTENSA SUV 2

Apr 24

225/70R16 103H INTENSA SUV 2

May 24

255/60R18 112V INTENSA SUV 2 XL

May 24

235/60R16 100H INTENSA SUV 2

Jun 24

245/70R16 111H INTENSA SUV 2 XL

Jul 24


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