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Goodyear CheckPoint integrated into TÜV SÜD's Digital Vehicle Scan bringing advanced tire inspection capabilities

Goodyear and TÜV SÜD join forces to integrate the Goodyear CheckPoint solution into the TÜV SÜD Digital Vehicle Scan (DVS) inspection system, representing an important advancement in utilizing technology to elevate vehicle safety and performance. Since 2023 customers can order TÜV SÜD Digital Vehicle Scan equipped with Goodyear CheckPoint.

The TÜV SÜD Digital Vehicle Scan is an innovative solution that uses advanced sensor technology to assist the appraiser in creating comprehensive vehicle health reports as well as to speed up the vehicle acceptance and return process. This system enables accurate diagnosis and timely maintenance recommendations, thereby improving overall safety and efficiency.

Goodyear CheckPoint is a connected, yard-based drive-over tire inspection system that reads the tire condition and vehicle parameters and sends actionable insights to fleet managers. Goodyear CheckPoint streamlines the time-consuming task of manually inspecting tire pressure and tread depth[1], by providing automated inspections that can be completed within seconds.


By incorporating Goodyear CheckPoint's tire inspection capabilities, the integration expands the scope of the TÜV SÜD Digital Vehicle Scan, offering users a detailed assessment of their vehicle's health, including tire conditions. Customers who choose the DVS variant equipped with Goodyear CheckPoint can benefit from a comprehensive inspection report that covers both tire conditions and overall vehicle health, empowering them to make informed maintenance decisions.

"Integrating the Goodyear CheckPoint into the TÜV SÜD Digital Vehicle Scan offering will provide users with a holistic view of their vehicle's condition, enabling proactive maintenance and enhancing overall performance. This is consistent with our Goodyear Total Mobility offering which is all about providing worry-free mobility solutions and taking fleet management to the next level." – said Piotr Czyżyk, Managing Director Proactive Solutions Europe at Goodyear.

This offering is particularly valuable for fleet operators, automotive service providers, and individual vehicle owners who seek to optimize their maintenance practices. With real-time insights into tire conditions and overall vehicle health, users can address maintenance needs proactively, minimize downtime, and improve operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the integration of CheckPoint's tire inspection data with the TÜV SÜD Digital Vehicle Scan Inspection System will facilitate the development of predictive maintenance strategies, leading to substantial cost savings.

TÜV SÜD is committed to driving innovation and continuously improving its solutions to meet the evolving needs of the automotive industry. This collaboration confirms our vision of advancing vehicle inspection, maintenance, and safety standards.” – said Maximilian Küblbeck, CEO TÜV SÜD Auto Plus GmbH.

[1] In-ground version of the Goodyear CheckPoint offers also measurement of axle/vehicle load.


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