10:00 AM

Goodyear announces TruckForce Service Award winners for the first quarter

  • Five outstanding service providers from across Europe awarded.
  • The awards reflect the breadth of the Goodyear TruckForce network in Europe.

Goodyear is honoured to announce the winners of the TruckForce Service Award for the first quarter of 2022. The awards recognise TruckForce partners with operations across the pan-European network who have demonstrated exceptional service.

TruckForce keeps fleets running efficiently from over 2,000 European locations, each trained to deliver the highest quality standards 24/7. The expert team ensures fleets are equipped with the optimum technology and tyre choices for maximising efficiency, mobility and durability.

MD Pneu s.r.o. operates out of Tábor, Czech Republic and has been awarded a TruckForce Service Excellence award for its activity in Goodyear FleetOnlineSolutions (FOS) and supporting leading fleet customers on the implementation of the Goodyear Total Mobility value proposition. It has been showcasing a very high performance on the Goodyear ServiceLine24 interventions, Goodyear’s 24H/7 roadside assistance. Their use of the automated fleet inspection tool, Goodyear eJob, is even better, with an outstanding 98.5% registration rate.

Salco, based in Spain, is a VULCO partner in the Galician region in Spain. Awarded for its outstanding performance year over year, it boasts nine workshops and 16 vans working for Goodyear ServiceLine24. Thanks to this, the group’s response time is 12% better than the industry average call-out in the country. With its prominent expertise, Salco is also servicing one of the most important bus fleets in Spain, having also installed the newly introduced Goodyear DrivePoint. This easy to implement drive through readers will be based in Madrid at the customer’s main yard.

For demonstrating excellent breakdown service and showcasing TruckForce, Austrian tyre shop and service centre Eurowheel GmbH has assigned extra resources to service Goodyear fleets. Part of the Top Reifen Team network, Eurowheel is an important service provider in the region for Goodyear customers handled via FleetOnlineSolutions, the comprehensive tyre management and administration solution for fleet operators opting for Goodyear Total Mobility.

The next partner to be recognised is G.D. GOMME Officina Mobile for its huge commitment to Goodyear ServiceLine24 and dedicated workforce. It also deploys a Goodyear-branded mobile fitting vehicle to serve customers remotely. The Italian tyre retailer and service centre continues its strong collaboration with Goodyear in new fleet activation into 2022.

United Kingdom-based City 1st Tyres has been selected for the award in Q1 for its +80% usage of Goodyear eJob across the group’s 7 locations, which represents substantial growth and represents one of the highest percentages in the UK. In addition, it has successfully achieved a high number of inspections every month for key UK customers and specifically employed an in-house fitter and fleet inspector.

“We are delighted to be recognising our partners across the TruckForce Network for the first time in 2022 as we continue the TruckForce Service Excellence Awards,” Adam Stanton, European Network & Service Manager for Goodyear Commercial, commented. “We are proud of all the more than 2,000 partners who each day go the extra mile for the fleets who count on our Goodyear Total Mobility offer and support to drive results for our customers. The five partners who have been selected in Q1 have gone above and beyond, whether that’s through extremely high-performance service or fully embracing our value proposition to deliver customer excellence. On behalf of all TruckForce customers and Goodyear, I would like to thank these five outstanding partners for their teamwork, innovative thinking, and customer focused spirit.”