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Goodyear and Juventus Release a Feel Good Video to Highlight the Importance of Safety for Both Players and Drivers

Assago, December 10, 2015 – Goodyear and Juventus, which are in a multi-year partnership, are joining forces once again for a short video featuring four star players from the Juventus team: Anderson Hernanes, Sami Khedira, Norberto Murara Neto and Stefano Sturaro. Last year, they released a video “Take the road with the right shoes”​, which drew the connection between the importance of the right footwear and the right tyres.

In the newest video, the tone once again embodies the Goodyear tagline “Made to Feel Good” with a humorous and upbeat tone, while drawing an analogy between safety on the field and safety on the road. Just as Juventus is concerned with the safety of its players, Goodyear is concerned with the safety of its drivers. The right tyres contribute to ensure safety, comfort and optimal performance, especially with winter on the horizon.

"We are proud to partner again with a prestigious club like Juventus to highlight the core elements of our products. Safety has always been a fundamental topic for Goodyear as outlined in the film with Juventus champions,” said Matteo Castelli, Marketing Consumer Director of Goodyear Dunlop in Italy.

The video, filmed on location at the Juventus Training Centre, will be aired on December 10 in 90 second and 110 second length versions on YouTube ​ and http://www.goodyear.eu. The partnership between Goodyear and Juventus also entails advertising channels such as pitch-side LED boards, logos on podium backdrops and co-operation between the digital and social platforms of the two companies.