Sakhir, Bahrain,
14:49 PM

Filipe Albuquerque crowned 2023 Goodyear Wingfoot Award winner

Filipe Albuquerque wins overall award, Albert Costa ranks top in Bahrain

Goodyear has crowned Filipe Albuquerque with the 2023 Wingfoot Award in Bahrain. The United Autosports driver won the award after an incredibly consistent season, narrowly beating Robert Kubica to take the overall season award. 

Meanwhile, Albert Costa took the top Wingfoot Award prize for the 8 Hours of Bahrain, with a stint average lap time of 1:56.96, 0.172 quicker than Albuquerque.

The Wingfoot Award recognises the consistent performance of Goodyear drivers in the FIA World Endurance Championship. It celebrates the art of maximising performance and executing a consistent pace.

After each round, the award is given to the LMP2 driver who achieves the fastest stint average, measuring their average lap time over two consecutive stints.

Albuquerque and Kubica went into the final round in Bahrain level on Wingfoot Award points. Ultimately, they ranked second and fifth respectively in the Bahrain Wingfoot Award rankings, giving Albuquerque enough to take the overall trophy. 

As a result of Albuquerque’s Wingfoot Award triumph, his United Autosports team received three sets of Goodyear LMP2 tires for the end-of-season rookie test which took place on Sunday after the race.

The Wingfoot Award will continue in WEC next season with the exciting arrival of the LMGT3 category. Bahrain marked the end of LMP2 in WEC, with Goodyear moving to supply LMGT3 from next year onwards. It will remain the sole supplier for LMP2 in the European Le Mans Series.

Ben Crawley, Director of Motorsport EMEA, Goodyear, commented: “Congratulations to Filipe Albuquerque on an excellent LMP2 campaign in 2023. We really didn’t know which way it would go between him and Kubica at the final round, and I’m glad it added an extra layer of intrigue to the race.

“Also, congratulations to Kubica and his Team WRT teammates Louis Delétraz and Rui Andrade for taking the 2023 LMP2 title.”

The origins of the Wingfoot

The idea of speed inspired Goodyear’s selection of the Wingfoot symbol soon after the formation of the company 125 years ago. Goodyear’s Wingfoot symbol is derived from the famous god of mythology known to the ancient Romans as Mercury, and to the Greeks as Hermes. Mercury was known as a swift messenger for all the gods of mythology, making it a perfect fit for Goodyear’s ethos of performance.


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