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Dunlop launch Mutant - a tyre for all roads, whatever the weather.

‘Crossover’ approach brings all seasons performance to a vast range of bikes

Over 370 models can be fitted with Dunlop Mutant

From scrambler and naked to adventure tourers - Mutant has the market covered

Dunlop has unveiled the new Mutant, an incredibly versatile tyre that brings the crossover approach to the tyre market. Dunlop’s latest Mutant can provide all-season, all-roads versatility to over 370 different bike models, whether they be an adventure bike, sport-touring, naked, retro or a scrambler. 

The Dunlop Mutant is the result of combining the knowledge of Dunlop’s award-winning hypersport and touring tyres with technologies developed in wet-weather racing. Dunlop calls this fusion of innovations ‘4 Seasons technology’ and includes a mix of ply material, construction and compounds that have been designed to operate in the toughest of climates - including harsh winter conditions. This has earned the Mutant an official ‘M+S’ rating, meaning it is highly suited for challenging conditions.

Dmitri Talboom, Product Manager, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe explained: “Mutant provides riders with the kind of handling and stability expected from hypersport tyres, but combined with the very best grip in wet conditions this side of racing wets, as well as the kind of durability that you would expect from a touring tyre. Dunlop has vast experience with test-winning sports touring tyres like RoadSmart III, adventure bike tyres such as the latest Trailmax Meridian and performing at the highest level in wet races in Moto2 and the Endurance World Championship. Our development team fused this knowledge together to truly create a tyre for all seasons.”

Dunlop’s Mutant range of five front and six rear sizes means that over 370 different models of bike can be equipped with Mutant. Dunlop’s focus was to extend the range beyond the typical crossover bike such as the Ducati Multistrada and Yamaha Tracer to bring crossover performance to a vast array of models, as Dmitri explained: “Increasingly, we are seeing scrambler, retro and naked bikes being used as all-season, all-purpose machines. Dunlop’s research tells us that these riders are looking for a tyre that gives them the hypersport feel and handling but providing the confidence to enjoy the ride - whatever the weather. Dunlop Mutant delivers that unique crossover appeal.”

Mutant off-road ability proven

A versatile bike needs to be able to perform off-road, and the Mutant has proven to have the capabilities to excel in off-road conditions. In Dunlop’s own off-road testing the Mutant outperformed competitors in front grip, rear grip and handling on a Yamaha Tracer 700 and a BMW R 1200 GS on the demanding Monteblanco off-road course. 

The distinctive style of the Mutant tread pattern combines aggressive-looking blocks with a dynamic directional design. This distinctive look has echoes of supermoto and dirt track tyres and is expected to make the Mutant a popular choice for special build bikes where style is expected - but with no compromise on performance for a completely new breed of tyre.


For more information on Mutant go to:   https://www.dunlop.eu/en_gb/motorcycle/why-dunlop/mutant.html

Dunlop Motorcycle website: https://www.dunlop.eu/en_gb/motorcycle.html#/



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