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Dunlop expands portfolio to meet demands of the Light Truck market

Dunlop has strengthened its portfolio with the introduction of new light truck tires in the all-season and winter segments. 

Two new products will be available: Dunlop Econodrive AS (all-season) and Dunlop Econodrive Winter, expanding the existing Dunlop Econodrive light truck  range which includes summer tires Dunlop Econodrive and Dunlop Econodrive LT. With an expansion to its portfolio, Dunlop is positioned to compete in the value segment of the light truck tire market with its most competitive lineup of products to date.  

The move to strengthen its light truck offering comes from market research data that forecasts that the value segment of light truck tire market will grow by 9.3% by 20281

The Dunlop Econodrive AS and Dunlop Econodrive Winter will be available in 17 and 19 new sizes respectively, ready to fit the most popular light trucks.  

Dunlop Econodrive AS: All-round performance and durability

Dunlop Econodrive AS features technological solutions that deliver performance to light trucks in a wide range of conditions, with strong mileage and durability.  

Featuring a high number of blades and a new cap compound, the tread edges support grip and braking in wet conditions. The tire also maximises its mileage with high tread depth, ideal for year-long performance. 

As an all-season tire, the Dunlop Econodrive AS is designed to operate in wide range of conditions. Its new robust construction makes it a perfect choice for the most demanding applications. 

Dunlop Econodrive Winter: Excellent winter performance for light trucks

Dunlop has developed a tread pattern with a distinctive ‘V’ shape, which enhances water evacuation for reliable handling. Meanwhile, the centre grooves function to catch and grip to snow when in motion. 

The tire’s tread block is also strengthened by connectors between them, which maintains the tire’s structural rigidity, helping lower abrasion and increase mileage.  

Sonia Leneveu, Director Marketing Consumer Europe at Goodyear: “We are proud to be investing in the light truck segment of our portfolio with a range of high-quality products that feature a number of exciting features. As this area of the market continues to expand, Dunlop’s strong brand is poised to take advantage of the market trends.  

“Now with a comprehensive LT range featuring summer, all season and winter fitments, we have a product for every driver.” 

1) Source: Versus 2023; Goodyear internal forecast based on sell-in market data (Europe, excluding Turkey and Russia). 


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