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The Volkswagen ID.3 ushers in a new era in e-mobility equipped with Goodyear tires

Goodyear has approved summer and winter tires for the ID.3 in 18, 19- and 20-inch sizes.

Volkswagen has launched the new ID.3, the German manufacturer’s first vehicle developed exclusively for electric mobility. In Volkswagen’s own words, this is a car that ushers in "the beginning of a new era marked by electromobility." The ID.3 is based on the modular MEB platform, the Volkswagen Group’s new 100% electric platform, which will lead to other models in the near future.

“We are very proud that Volkswagen has chosen to equip this pioneering model with Goodyear tires,” said Hans Vrijsen, Managing Director OE at Goodyear EMEA, “Goodyear is committed to developing products that deliver the performance Electric Vehicles require. We are working with all major OEMs on Electric and Hybrid mobility and half of our original equipment tire developments in Europe are for EVs and hybrids.”

The new Volkswagen ID.3, which is now being delivered to customers across Europe, will have Goodyear EfficientGrip Performance tires in sizes 215/55 R18, 215/50 R19 and 215/45 R20, in addition to the UltraGrip Performance and UltraGrip Performance+ winter tires in sizes 215/55 R18 and 215/50 R19.

The tires installed on the Volkswagen ID.3 meet the high standards of the famous automotive brand thanks to their advanced features that are perfectly suited to electric mobility.



Goodyear's EfficientGrip Performance is a leader in the high-performance segment. It is characterized by high mileage and high levels of braking performance in both dry and wet conditions.

A number of innovative features enable the tire to provide these exceptional features. The high elasticity and flexibility of the tread helps reduce wear. Lower stiffness in the compound facilitates the bending of the blocks, which together with a greater number of edges helps with evacuation of water in the wet. Larger tread blocks increase cornering stiffness, providing greater stability in dry emergency manoeuvres.

The UltraGrip Performance range provides better braking and grip for drivers looking for excellent winter performance. This range was designed for high-performance cars, helping to improve their performance in wet, dry, icy or snowy conditions thanks to two key technologies.

Traction Protect technology that includes a new resin that improves the tyre’s deformation and reformation capabilities. This allows to improve the braking forces, translating into greater grip. Winter Grip technology contains a new mixture of compounds that provides better rubber elasticity at low temperatures, increasing grip on both snow and ice.

In addition, the tires fitted to the Volkswagen ID.3 feature SealTech, a sealant technology that is Goodyear's latest extended mobility solution. SealTech seals punctures up to 5mm in diameter in the tread area of ​​the tire, providing excellent and balanced driving performance.

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