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Team De Rooy demonstrates solid performance at Dakar 2024 with Goodyear tires and TPMS

Following 14 demanding days navigating the challenging terrains of Saudi Arabia in the Dakar 2024 Rally, Team De Rooy, equipped with Goodyear OFFROAD tires and TPMS, celebrates their solid performance, highlighting resilience, skill, and determination.

The 2024 Dakar Rally proved to be a formidable challenge, spanning from AlUla to Yanbu, covering 5,000 kilometers of diverse landscapes. Team De Rooy faced steep inclines, treacherous descents, and new sections, showcasing the resilience and adaptability of both the drivers and the vehicles.

While a podium finish remained out of reach this year, Team De Rooy maneuvered all three trucks through the rally and successfully completed all the stages of this challenging course.

The #600 Boss Machinery Team De Rooy FPT, led by Pilot Janus van Kasteren Jr., Navigator Marcel Snijders, and Mechanic Darek Rodewald, secured 4th place. The team particularly stood out by winning the prologue stage and securing victories in three other stages.

Additionally, the #622 Becx Competition Team De Rooy FPT, piloted by Michiel Becx, with Navigator Edwin Kuijpers and Mechanic Wuf van Ginkel, took 5th place in the final rankings.

The #618 Ladies Team De Rooy FPT, driven by Anja van Loon, alongside Navigator Floor Maten and Mechanic Marije van Ettekoven, made history as the first Dutch women's team in the Dakar Rally, securing 12th position in the overall standings.

Goodyear OFFROAD tires once again provided traction and durability across challenging terrains. The integration of Goodyear TPMS played an important role in monitoring tire pressure and temperature in real time, allowing the team to make dynamic adjustments and respond swiftly to evolving road conditions. 

The completion of the rally by all three trucks highlights the capabilities of Goodyear OFFROAD tires and TPMS in very demanding conditions. Goodyear is proud to have been a part of this significant achievement by Team De Rooy and other teams who used our tires during Dakar 2024.

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