07:14 AM

Sava unveils Eskimo HP2, its next generation Winter High Performance tire

Winter High Performance tires are becoming increasingly popular. Accounting for over 42% of total purchased winter tires nowadays, it is forecasted that sales will continue to increase in the coming years. Sava relies on the best of European technology for enhancing its Winter Higher Performance offering and launches the Sava Eskimo HP2 today, a tire that provides increased control on snow and ice.

The main features sought by consumers include better grip, as well as improved braking on icy, wet and slushy roads. This is why Sava drew on the best of its winter tire expertise to develop the second generation of its Winter High Performance tire, the Sava Eskimo HP2.

Better control on snowy and icy roads
To enhance control on wintery roads, the Eskimo HP2 can rely on two main qualities. First of all, its hook-shaped ribs hit snow-covered roads to improve both acceleration and handling.

Secondly, the multi-radius tire contour generates a long and wide footprint with even pressure distribution between tire and road, providing an outstanding road contact patch on icy and slippery roads, hence increasing control.

Improved handling on dry and wet roads
Sava’s engineers also focused on improving the overall handling. The outside blocks were reinforced. More robust blocks increase force transfer capability and provide exceptional dry handling and braking.

Furthermore, the circumferential grooves have been optimally placed, so as to absorb and disperse water and slush rapidly out of the tire tread. This feature provides excellent contact on wet roads.

By August 2016, 23 sizes will be available, covering 69% of the market.