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New Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 3 on top in multiple Nordic winter tire tests

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 3 convinces in latest tests with its excellent balanced performance.

Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 3 convinces in latest tests with its excellent balanced performance.

The new Goodyear Nordic friction tire UltraGrip Ice 3 is specifically designed for Nordic winter conditions. In recent Nordic magazine tire tests, it has obtained several top positions.  

In the latest Finnish Moottori’s1 winter tire test the magazine compares four premium non-studded Nordic winter tires and four budget studded tires. UltraGrip Ice 3 receives the best score among all eight tested tires and is awarded Test Winner. 

The new Goodyear tire also ranks top in the latest Finnish Tekniikan Maailma’s2 winter tire test, where it achieves a shared first place among nine tested Nordic friction tires. 

Excellent snow and ice performance

According to Moottori1 the test winner UltraGrip Ice 3 has been significantly developed in ice performance compared to its predecessor. The tire showcases best performance in ice handling, ice braking and snow braking. The magazine praises the tire’s “excellent grip on ice and snow” 5. On asphalt the tire delivers the best performance in terms of wet handling, with the editors’ comment “safe and easy to drive in wet” 5.

Moreover, the UltraGrip Ice 3 convinces the experts of the Finnish magazine Tekniikan Maailma’s2 who award the tire with top scores in braking and acceleration on snow. According to the magazine “Goodyear’s grip on ice is at the level of the best friction tires” 5. The editors praise the tire’s “balanced properties in all conditions” 5 and the low noise level.

Balanced overall performance recognized

Goodyear tires also shine in Vi Bilägare’s3 test of non-studded Nordic winter tires. The Swedish automotive publication ranks the Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 3 second overall, highlighting its excellent balanced performance in different winter conditions, commenting “Goodyear is the best choice if you drive mostly on asphalt but still want good grip on ice and snow”. 6 

Vi Bilägare3 testers add: “The predecessors have distinguished themselves as Nordic friction tires that perform well on wet roads. The newcomer retains this market position but has also strengthened its winter grip. It performs at the top in terms of starting and braking on snow and exhibits good cornering ability.”6

In addition, Goodyear UltraGrip Ice 3 achieves the second place among Nordic non-studded tires in the Swedish publication Teknikens Värld4. The magazine recognizes the balanced performance of the tire, mentioning “Positive is that Goodyear understands how to combine winter grip with decent aquaplaning characteristics.” 6 The tire also performs best in the famous moose-test. 

Besides the great result in Teknikens Värld among the Nordic non-studded tires category, Goodyear tires are awarded in the studded and Middle European non-studded category with the studded tire UltraGrip Arctic 2, and the new Middle European non-studded tire UltraGrip Performance 3 being crowned "Best in Test” in these two categories.6

Goodyear incorporates a range of technologies that give its winter tires exceptional performance. 

Ice Grip technology allows better ice contact thanks to a softer compound compared to its predecessor7. The innovative compound offers improved rubber elasticity at low temperatures.

Ice Handling+ technology delivers better ice handling performance even on heavier vehicles due to improved design and increased contact area8. Furthermore, a larger footprint increases stability.

Snow Braking technology helps optimize the tread design with a larger number of block edges and higher sipe density for better acceleration and braking9.

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