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Goodyear wraps-up another successful FIA European Truck Racing Championship

Goodyear Truck Racing tyres are key to performance

The FIA (Fédération Internationale de l’Automobile) championship concluded after an exiting season in Jarama Spain on 6th October. The final race followed seven hard-fought rounds at race tracks across Europe, where the specially-developed Goodyear Truck Racing tyres played a crucial role ensuring top grip under all conditions.

The race-prepared trucks, which are based on road-going 4 x 2 tractor units, have an average power of 1,200 bhp and torque of 5,500 Nm, which can power the trucks from 0 – 100 km/h in 5 seconds and 30 – 160 km/h in just 6 seconds – similar to a Porsche 911.

Goodyear started producing specially developed Truck Racing tyres for the championship in 2004 and currently continues to be the exclusive tyre partner of the FIA European Truck Racing Championship for the next two years. This allows Goodyear to demonstrate its innovative leadership in truck tyres and to test new technologies. The Truck Racing tyres come with a special tread compound and pattern to deliver the required performance under challenging and competitive conditions.

For Goodyear, supporting the FIA European Truck Racing Championship allows us to demonstrate the outstanding performance of our truck tyres. The Goodyear Truck Racing Tyres we have developed for the series have a special racing tread but are based on the same carcasses used by thousands of trucks on the roads of Europe every day. To see those tyres stand up to the very high temperatures and forces that are found in truck racing, showcase the advanced durability of our casings.
Maciej Szymanski - Director Marketing Europe for Commercial Business Unit at Goodyear.

The winner of the 2019 Goodyear-sponsored European Truck Racing Championship is Jochen Hahn who takes the title for the sixth time after a thrill-filled season which concluded at the weekend. Fighting off a challenge from no less than three other previous champions, he won seven of the eight rounds of the series, driving his 5.3-tonne Hahn Racing, Goodyear-shod 1,180 horsepower Iveco race truck.

Jochen Hahn, from Germany, ended the season on 370 points, Spanish driver and former three-time European champion Antonio Albacete was second with 268 and Adam Lacko, from the Czech Republic and who won the series in 2017, came third with 261.


Goodyear Truck Racing Tyres

Goodyear Truck Racing tyres are built in size 315/70R22.5 using similar carcasses to those used in standard Goodyear truck tyres. These are modified mainly to reduce the risk of overheating and increase lateral rigidity, which enhances their performance for racing. The specifically-designed tread of the Goodyear Truck Racing tyre provides very high levels of grip in both dry and wet track conditions. It features an asymmetric shoulder design and circumferential grooves with a tread compound that gives consistent all-round performance to all drivers and on all tracks.

RFID (Radio Frequency Identity), which is now a standard feature in the latest Goodyear truck tyres, is also a feature of all Goodyear Truck Racing tyres, each of which is given a unique identity. This allows the FIA to monitor the tyres to ensure all teams keep to the regulations regarding the number and use of race tyres.

Further information about the FIA European Truck Racing Championship can be found on the event official website:

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