12:24 PM

Goodyear wins FEDIL award for environmentally friendly traction resin

Today it was announced that the Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company is the 2021 winner of the Environmental Award, in the category “Process”, presented by FEDIL, the Luxembourgish multisectoral business federation,

In this category, Goodyear has been recognized for its innovative and environmentally friendly traction resin, which was developed at the Goodyear Innovation Center in Colmar-Berg for use in the manufacture of Company’s ultra-high-performance tires. This special resin replaces petroleum-based resins traditionally used in the tire manufacturing and is helping the company to reach its goal of producing a 100% sustainable-material and maintenance-free tire by 2030.

“At Goodyear, we strive to make an impact by our choice of the materials we use, and Goodyear’s new traction resin has several advantages for the environment. It not only reduces naphtha/crude oil requirements, but also improves fuel consumption and reduces CO2 emissions, says Xavier Fraipont, Goodyear’s Vice President for Product Development in Europe Middle East and Africa.

Over the last five years, Goodyear engineers have been working to develop and test this terpene resin, which is produced out of pine trees. Combined with other raw materials in the tread compound, this new formula contributes to the reduction of petroleum-based resins consumption as well as an increase in the tire performance of 18% in rolling resistance and 30% in mileage, providing better performance both for the motorist and the environment.

This bio-based resin is currently used across the Europe Middle East and Africa regions for passenger and commercial ultra-high performance tires such as the Eagle F1 Asymmetric 5 and Eagle F1 SuperSport.