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Goodyear to uncover road haulage industry trends with its third Sustainable Reality Survey

Goodyear’s annual Sustainable Reality Survey is now live, with all the European transport fleets invited to participate for the third year running. The survey helps Goodyear understand the wider industry’s approach to sustainability, as well as giving fleets the opportunity to share their successes and challenges on the journey to sustainability. As in previous years, for each completed survey TreeNation will plant a brand-new tree.

In 2022, the survey revealed that fleets are increasingly conscious of sustainability, with investments increasing year-on-year. Not only do fleets now see sustainability as a worthwhile social cause, but many are also seeing bottom-line improvements.

Now in its third year, the survey has become a trusted source of information for the logistics industry, collating in depth information regarding the future of logistics and transportation.

Tires and mobility solutions have an important role to play

The survey is interested in fleets’ approach to sustainability in different contexts. From understanding the latest environmental regulations, formalising sustainability objectives and measurements or using new solutions and technologies, including tires and mobile solutions. Many European fleets using Goodyear’s Total Mobility offering have already seen enhanced performance and support in sustainability efforts. For example, using Goodyear’s FUELMAX ENDURANCE tires can support delivering up to a 2% reduction in CO2, which equates to saving 40,000 litres of fuel per year for a 100-vehicle fleet1. Additionally, mobility solutions like Goodyear TPMS, Goodyear CheckPoint or Goodyear DrivePoint can support faster and easier fleet management resulting in increased efficiency, effectiveness and supporting sustainability goals of fleets.


Last year, 54% of interviewed fleets said that fuel-efficient tires are part of their sustainability strategy, second only to deploying more efficient vehicles. In the past fleet operators had been forced to choose between durability, grip, fuel efficiency and mileage, but the latest Goodyear products and mobility solutions offered under Goodyear Total Mobility help to achieve the right balance and drive better results for the fleets.

Maciej Szymanski, Marketing Director Commercial Europe, Goodyear, commented: “We are proud to be able to engage with fleets across Europe, getting a unique insight into their day-to-day decisions through the Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey. We place a lot of emphasis on customer’s feedback that we gained from this broad industry study. Thanks to the conclusions we received since the first edition of the survey in 2021 we are better prepared to respond to fleet’s challenges and support them in driving results of their businesses.”

“The transportation industry is experiencing continuous evolution of regulatory framework. Initiatives such as Fit for 55 package, Euro 7, Vehicle Energy Consumption Calculation Tool (VECTO) or Emissions Trading System (ETS) require transport companies to seriously think about adapting to the new reality and take appropriate action - both from the side of implementing internal policies as well as applying specific products or solutions in their fleets. The need of making sustainability a reality is also driven by the customers who are willing to choose companies with more responsible operations and investors for whom performance against ESG ambitions is starting to be as important as financial results."

"Since 2021, the results of the Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey are a very good barometer of how the transport industry in Europe is approaching these new challenges and how it is changing its businesses to make them more sustainable.” – adds Szymanski.

Tell us how you make sustainability a reality:

 The Goodyear Sustainable Reality Survey is open until 21 July.

1Based on VECTO calculation, difference between C-EU Tire label and B-EU tire label for fuel efficiency. Switching from a C-label to a fuel-efficient B- label tire represents a reduction of 2% in CO2 reduction. As per internal calculation, this may translate into a saving of about 1 tonne of CO2 emissions and 400L of fuel per truck, per year.


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