Dammam, Saudi Arabia,
10:00 AM

Goodyear-supported De Rooy team wins Dakar using TPMS technology

Goodyear partner Team De Rooy IVECO has reached the end of the challenging 2023 Dakar Rally, completing almost 9000 varied kilometres across Saudi Arabia over 16 days. As part of their journey, the Dutch team used Goodyear OFFROAD tires and Goodyear’s Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) to help keep track of a vital part of their effort.

When the final stage of the Dakar was completed on Sunday, 15 January, Boss Machinery Team De Rooy IVECO driver Janus Van Kasteren was crowned the 2023 champion, finishing over 1 hour, 14 minutes clear of his closest rival. Teammates Martin and Mitchel Van Den Brink finished third and fourth in other De Rooy-run trucks. 

While the rock, sand and mud surface of the Dakar, coupled with its steep inclines and descents, are a far cry from the challenges faced every day by Europe’s haulage operators, Goodyear employs the same approach to what is arguably motorsport’s toughest event. Tires require a design to meet the demands of the conditions in order to extract maximum efficiency, reliability and performance. 

To prepare for this year’s Dakar, Goodyear’s engineers worked side-by-side with Team De Rooy in the team’s test in Morocco three months ago. The test included a simulated version of Dakar, using the Sahara desert to replicate typical features of the Saudi Arabian landscape. The test served to evaluate the Goodyear OFFROAD tires, which feature a dedicated off-road compound, deep non-skid tread and improved resistance to cuts, making them an ideal choice for the unpredictable Dakar conditions. 

The five days in Morocco also served another purpose; to trial a new Tire Pressure Monitoring System. This on-board technology features a sensor placed within the tire to alert the driver of anomalies in tire pressure through a display mounted on the truck’s dashboard. On rocky terrain and tough desert surfaces, advance warning regarding tire temperature and pressure can save teams valuable time in rectification. 

Back on the roads of Europe, identical technology helps saving time, increases efficiency and improves the safety of fleet operations. For example, the Goodyear TPMS technology streamlines the process of checking tire health, cutting the number of hours a fleet spends on routine checks. An underinflation warning could also prevent a tire causing further damage or negatively affect fuel efficiency.

Maciej Szymański, Marketing Director Commercial Europe, Goodyear: “Congratulations to Team De Rooy for winning what is arguably one of the motorsport’s toughest challenges. We have supported them with tires and tire management solutions several times before, but this year we are particularly proud of introducing TPMS to their four IVECO trucks. Combining our reliable tires with tire management solutions was once again driving results - this time for Team De Rooy in the Dakar Rally.”

Gerard De Rooy, team owner, Team De Rooy: "Once again, Goodyear OFFROAD tires supported our team in achieving the best possible results in extremely difficult and unpredictable conditions. This year we were able not only to provide great durability and traction, but also to monitor the tire pressure on an ongoing basis thanks to the installed TPMS from Goodyear. This made it easier for us to adapt our strategy to the road conditions and performance of the tires. It also helped us keep track of our tire temperature and pressure levels and react quickly and in real time to any challenges that could result in extended downtime."