10:28 AM

Goodyear partners with Reynolds Logistics in new Goodyear Total Mobility five-year contract

Goodyear is proud to announce a new, five-year partnership with Reynolds Logistics, a family-owned leading bulk logistics company specialising in the haulage of liquid products. Reynolds Logistics distributes bulk fuels and hazardous goods throughout the UK and Europe, providing efficient and innovative logistical solutions.

As part of its comprehensive Goodyear Total Mobility end to end offer to fleets, Goodyear is providing KMAX GEN-2 and KMAX T tyres for trucks, trailers and tankers in the Reynolds Logistics fleet. The all-new Goodyear KMAX GEN-2 range delivers enhanced mileage to optimise tyre life and overcome challenging road conditions. The overall benefits of the KMAX GEN-2 range are up to 25% better all-weather capability, 15% more damage resistance and 5% higher fuel efficiency*. Low rolling resistance also contributes to lower CO2 emissions.

KMAX GEN-2 tyres also include radio frequency identification (RFID). The RFID tag is embedded inside the tyre to allow simple identification and connectivity to management and tracking systems, resulting in efficient tyre flow management.

Designed to provide extensive mileage, the KMAX T offers superb mileage, thanks to its high wearable rubber volume, paired with an innovative tread compound which provides excellent braking on wet surfaces and fuel-saving potential. As a result, the KMAX T range helps to reduce downtime and the overall cost of fleet maintenance.

As part of the new partnership, Reynolds Logistics will also receive support from Truckforce, Goodyear’s pan-European service network. Specialising in the complete lifecycle management of commercial truck tyres, TruckForce’s services include preventive maintenance, replacement, regrooving, retreading and roadside assistance. Reynolds Logistics Ltd will have the support of more than 2,000 service network locations in 32 countries, which provide a 24/7 road assistance breakdown service. Over 96% of incidents in the UK can be reached by TruckForce within 45 minutes, getting vehicles back on the road within 120 minutes**.

Andrew Reynolds CEO of Reynolds Logistics, comments: “Partnering with Goodyear will be a huge benefit for our fleet. In a business like ours, which hinges on transporting hazardous liquids and gases, the thought of a vehicle being stranded on the side of the road with a tyre-related problem is an unsettling one. We need to ensure that we have the best possible equipment, and with the provision of quality premium tyres and the support offered by TruckForce, we’re confident that our fleet will meet the needs of our customers safely and effectively.”

David Howe, General Manager – Commercial at Goodyear UK, comments: “We understand that tyre maintenance might not always be the primary concern of a busy fleet manager. Our aim for Reynolds Logistics though is that by equipping them with a premium product, helping to maintain their tyres and providing around-the-clock assistance – all as part of our complete Goodyear Total Mobility offering – we can play an important part in meeting those essential objectives: ensuring an efficient fleet and unparalleled customer satisfaction.”

Goodyear Total Mobility is a new offering, designed to help fleet managers get the best from their tyres every step of the way. It includes everything from premium tyres to proactive maintenance and breakdown service, and digital solutions – all in one package. Many customers are starting to use elements of Goodyear Total Mobility, Reynolds being one of them.

* According to research conducted by Goodyear
** According to research conducted by Goodyear