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Goodyear Launches New Debica Truck Tyre Range

On-Road DRS2 steer and DRD2 drive tyres withall-season capability

Goodyear is launching a new range of Debica on-road truck tyres aimed at price sensitive fleets. The new Debica DRD2 drive and DRS2 steer tyres provide balanced performance with proven quality and significant improvements over their predecessors. The latest steer and drive ranges offer improved rolling resistance and are also compliant to European winter regulation including the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) symbol.

Comprising three Debica DRS2 steer tyres and three Debica DRD2 drive tyres, the range replaces the Debica DRS and DRD tyres of the same sizes, which will be phased out. Two steer sizes provide High Load capacity for modern trucks, particularly those with Euro VI engines, where front axle weights are high. All new Debica truck tyres are regroovable, and retreadable as mouldcure NextTread products.

The range complements the existing portfolio of Debica mixed service tyres (DMSS steer tyre, DMSD drive tyre and DMST trailer tyre), covering the most popular sizes required by the customer.

Debica truck tyres are designed and developed in Europe and manufactured by Goodyear’s production quality standards. They are available through Goodyear´s TruckForce network. TruckForce comprises more than 2000 service providers strategically located across Europe including well-known partners such as Vulco in France and Premio in Germany and other countries.

Debica On-Road Range

The Debica DRS2 steer tyres feature a robust rib tread pattern for good mileage and even wear. The DRS2 tread compound is suited for a wide application range giving chip & chunk as well as good mileage.

The Debica DRD2 drive tyres feature a robust non-directional block type tread design providing good mileage and traction levels and is easy to maintain. The tyres can serve a wide variety of operations. The tread compound is optimised for chip & chunk resistance and wet braking. The sturdy casing design gives durability in demanding service conditions and is retreadable.

The DRT trailer tyre has a proven tread pattern featuring a specially designed tread cap compound built on to a specific casing design. In its class, this M+S (Mud & Snow) tyre offers high mileage and an even tread wear. The trailer can also be retreaded.

Full Debica range (*)


Steer DRS2 295/80R22.5 3PMSF + High Load

DRS2 315/80R22.5 3PMSF

DRS2 315/70R22.5 3PMSF + High Load

Drive DRD2 295/80R22.5 3PMSF

DRD2 315/80R22.5 3PMSF

DRD2 315/70R22.5 3PMSF

Trailer DRT 385/65R22.5 M+S

Mixed Service

Steer DMSS 315/80R22.5 M+S

Drive DMSD 315/80R22.5 M+S

Trailer DMST 385/65R22.5 M+S

(*) New tyres listed in bold.


About Debica

T.C. Debica S.A. was founded in 1937 and is a leading Polish manufacturer of tyres for cars, vans and trucks. In 1996 Goodyear became the majority shareholder of the company.