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Goodyear launches its next-generation web platform to generate high quality leads for tire dealers

Goodyear, one of the world's largest tire companies, unveiled its new digital strategy, including the rollout across all EMEA markets of an enhanced digital platform, www.goodyear.eu, and an innovative approach to generating customer leads for tire dealers across the EMEA region. By bringing dealers and end-consumers closer together, Goodyear emphasizes its participation in the “Connection Economy” and demonstrates being one step ahead of today’s business trends.

Generating high-quality customer leads for tire dealers in a digital world
The increasingly digitalized society impacts all aspects of the business world. The combination of both a strong digital presence and local stores is broadly recognized as the key to business success. Today’s most successful companies excel in their capability to connect consumers and retail with each other. The “Connection Economy”1 presents a wide array of opportunities, which Goodyear is seizing with both hands. Nieves Fuentes, Goodyear’s Director Digital Marketing EMEA, explains: “Our research shows that the web is increasingly becoming the key source of information for European drivers. Nearly 63% inform themselves before buying. Of those, 91% opt for the Internet as their main source of information – using search engines and manufacturer websites .”
Goodyear responded to these new consumer needs and behaviors by updating its digital strategy, including an enhanced platform and a new media approach to improve and increase traffic to dealers’ websites, thus fostering direct contacts with the customer. A strong SEO (Search Engine Optimization) strategy and the use of smart data signals to identify potential customers are among the cornerstones of this new media approach.

Enhanced digital platform for connecting faster and more easily with consumers
In its efforts to make the customer journey from the Internet to the dealers’ shop as easy and short as possible, Goodyear has enhanced its digital platform, www.goodyear.eu, to deliver an even more user-friendly design across various devices (smartphone, tablet and pc), enriched with additional information about tires and dealers.
What’s more, the new website allows consumers to directly call dealers, and helps them reach their stores easily by providing directions.
The new www.goodyear.eu platform has already been successfully deployed in the UK, with significant results. The new website showed a potential increase of 380% in traffic for dealers’ sites coming from the new Goodyear site – in other words, potentially three times more customers for the dealers.