08:53 AM

Goodyear introduces new generation of tires for container handling duty


Goodyear has introduced a new generation of tires for specialised container handling machinery such as reach stackers. The GEN II versions of the EV-4S and EV-5S bring a range of new technologies to improve efficiency, stability and durability.

The EV-4S GEN II has the deep 150-level IND-4 tread thickness, as rated by the Tire and Rim Association (TRA), whereas the 250-level EV-5S has the extra-deep IND-5 marking, the highest rating that the TRA issues. Both of the new tire designs feature the same package of new technologies including new construction and tread features.

The enhanced construction demonstrates a new cavity shape. Goodyear’s engineers have developed this to reduce wear, lowering the cost per hour. The construction of both tires also includes an oversized high strength bead bundle to enhance stability when carrying high loads. This bead area has increased protection to reduce chafing.

This focus on strength and protection extends to the new sidewall design. The sidewall has additional protection where the plies end, also improving durability and stability.

Tire life management is made easier by the new notched tread wear indicator which is highly visible in the smooth tread. This features Goodyear’s proven tread compounds in both depth options, with improved heat and abrasion resistance.

Tracy Maclear, OTR Marketing and Business Development Manager, Goodyear EMEA, said: “The GEN-II versions of EV-4S and EV-5S show Goodyear’s relentless focus on continuous improvement. The new construction and tread features help improve efficiency and durability by reducing wear.”

Port and maritime operators choosing Goodyear tires can also benefit from the company’s Total Mobility package. This includes EMTrack, providing accurate tire life reports to help with budgeting and fleet management, and Goodyear Tire Pressure Monitoring System for heavy duty applications to give precise, real-time monitoring of tire pressures to reduce downtime and the total cost of ownership.

The EV-4S GEN II and EV-5S GEN II join Goodyear’s extended portfolio of port handling tires, bringing a wide range of purpose-designed solutions for container handlers, reach stackers, straddle carriers, shuttle sprinter carriers and other specialised machinery. Both tires are available in the 18.00R25 size.