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Goodyear announces TruckForce Service Excellence Award fourth quarter winners

Goodyear is proud to announce five new TruckForce Service Award winners for the fourth quarter of 2021. The TruckForce Service Awards started at the beginning of 2021 to highlight partners that provided exceptional service across the pan-European TruckForce network.

German company Duwald Reifen has consistently shown first class service and delivered a 100% ServiceLine24h acceptance rate for the last six years. This meant every emergency roadside request for service was actioned, with zero rejections, showing the efficiency and capacity of the company. Based just outside of Hamburg, Duwald Reifen has gone above and beyond for Goodyear customers and thoroughly deserves this award.

Next, for being the leading company in its country for the usage of Goodyear’s eJob app and for continued growing support to key Goodyear fleets in Poland, Misztal has also been awarded a TruckForce Service Excellence award. eJob is the latest generation of the mobile tyre management app from Goodyear, enabling technicians to record fleet work conducted at the customer location or workshop

Based near the strategically important port in north-west France, Nantes Pneumatiques has been awarded a TruckForce Service Excellence Award for providing a ServiceLine24h acceptance rate of over 90%. The company has also been an early adopter of eJob. Nantes Pneumatiques, a member of Profil+ tyre group that expands the impressive fleet support package to Goodyear customers across France.

ProTyre Truck, which is based in the UK with headquarters in Winchester, has successfully rolled out Goodyear’s latest collection of smart tools, including eJob and FOS (FleetOnline Solutions) eCasing, across its national network. Together with Goodyear, the collaboration has seen an expansion recently in specific parts of the UK to deliver strong coverage for the service network to fleet customers. This has awarded ProTyre a TruckForce Service Excellence Award.

Finally, for first class service delivery at contracted fleets, showing a high usage of eJob and growing shares of the business, Dekk og Felg Lillestrøm has been awarded a TruckForce Service Excellence Award. Located near the Norwegian capital Oslo and close to the Swedish border, its range of services in a strategically important location means it's the final company to win a TruckForce Service Excellence Award in the fourth quarter.

Adam Stanton, Manager Network & Service-Commercial Europe for Goodyear: “For our final TruckForce Service Excellence Awards of 2021, we have highlighted partners in five countries who have shown their determination to go above and beyond for Goodyear’s customers. Throughout the year we have showcased the outstanding performance of 20 TruckForce partners, located across 12 countries, which reinforces the breadth of coverage and quality of our network. They all have been selected carefully and embody what this award represents. My sincere gratitude to the network partners commitment to outperform in servicing fleets and support in growing the Goodyear network across Europe.”