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Fulda Widens Truck Tire Choice - New low profile size for Ecotonn 2 trailer tire range to meet market needs

Fulda is increasing the choice of truck tires offered with the introduction of an additional dimension to its Ecotonn 2 trailer tire range in size 435/50R19.5. The introduction of this new tire is in response to market needs and complements the comprehensive Fulda truck tire portfolio

Fulda truck tires are the ideal choice for fleets looking to face today’s business challenges at an attractive price level. The 435/50R19.5 size is predominately used by operators of 100m3 mega trailers who need a low platform height to realize this capacity. With the addition of the 435/50R19.5 size to the existing and successful Ecotonn 2 trailer tire range, fleets now can increase their efficiency with Fulda. Not only thanks to the ability to use the 100m3 load volume but also from the performance of the Fulda Ecotonn 2. The tread compound and optimized carcass of the Fulda trailer tire give high mileage and low rolling resistance along with durability and retreadability making this a further example of Fulda products offering value for money.

“The introduction of this new size underlines Fulda’s commitment to offer products for fleet operators looking for truck tires at an attractive price level, and will be particularly attractive to operators of mega trailers,” said Benjamin Willot, Director Marketing Commercial Tires Goodyear Europe, Middle East and Africa. “We closely follow market trends and respond to needs as they develop. The Fulda brand is very important to us as it is to the many commercial vehicle operators who want quality.”

The addition of the new low profile Ecotonn 2 trailer tire gives truck operators a wider choice of value for money tires and helps them increasing their efficiency. The Fulda range covers not only the most common regular sizes but also now includes the low profile tire that is popular with mega trailer operators. The new Fulda Ecotonn 2 in size 435/50R19.5 with EU tire label gradings of B for Rolling Resistance, C in Wet Grip and 70 dbA and one wave for External Noise is available now, and is regroovable and retreadable.

About Fulda

Founded in 1900, Fulda is a German tire brand offering quality products that provide safe, long-lasting performance offering outstanding value for money. Fulda is one of the leading brands in Germany, offering a range of top quality, reliable products for passenger car, light truck, and truck applications. Fulda products are designed to offer safe driving, even in the most challenging conditions. Continuous research and development programs ensure that Fulda tires are using the latest technologies and materials.

Regular recommendations from independent tests are proof of the high quality levels of Fulda products.

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