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Fulda Truck Tyres ready for winter

More and more local authorities require 3PMSF tyres across Europe

At the start of the Winter season, Fulda presents its full range of steer and drive truck tyres including the Three-Peak-Mountain-Snow Flake (3PMSF) symbol.

More and more local authorities require 3PMSF tyres to be fitted on the vehicle while operating in winter conditions. These tyres have passed certain tests related to performance on snow covered roads. In combination with a balanced overall performance and good mileage and fuel efficiency provided by the Fulda tyres, the German brand is a popular fleet choice for the upcoming winter season.

The Fulda portfolio services 3 basic application areas, all steer and drive tyres are fully compliant with Europe’s increasingly strict winter tyre legislation. This means fleets can operate efficiently across Europe.

  • On-road
    The Fulda on-road truck tyre line-up is optimized to increase mileage, fuel economy and overall all-season performance. The ECOCONTROL 2+ steer and ECOFORCE 2+ drive as well as the REGIOCONTROL steer and REGIOFORCE drive tyres have the 3PMSF sidewall marking becoming mandatory in an increasing number of European countries.

    The ECOTONN trailer tyre range complete the range. The ECOTONN line up includes a 10 tonne High Load version. The overall range offers a wide choice of sizes with good label grades.
  • Winter
    WINTERCONTROL steer and WINTERFORCE drive tyres are 3PMSF compliant and in comparison to the on-road steer and drive tyres, offer further enhanced grip, braking and handling in snow and wet performance for operations in regions where winter conditions are more severe or in the mountains.
  • Mixed Service
    The Fulda Mixed Service range includes the VARIOCONTROL steer tyre, VARIOFORCE drive tyre and the VARIOTONN trailer tyre offering good mileage, traction and damage resistance for vehicles operating in the construction industry in particular.

Full size overview including 3PMSF



About Fulda
Founded in 1900, the Fulda is a German tyre brand offering outstanding value for money. Fulda is one of the leading brands in Germany, providing a range of top quality, reliable products for passenger car, light truck and truck applications. Continuous research and development programs ensure that Fulda tyres are using the latest technologies and materials.

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