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Fulda REGIO Series 3 launched, delivering all-season performance and durability

  • For long distance and demanding urban applications
  • Tread design delivering up to 4% higher mileage1
  • Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marking on steer, drive and trailer tyres

Fulda, has announced its latest REGIO Series 3 commercial vehicle tyre range. The new Fulda range comprises REGIOCONTROL 3 (steer), REGIOFORCE 3 (drive axle) and REGIOTONN 3 (trailer) fitments. Key development focus areas are mileage, fuel efficiency,handling and traction. All three have been designed with the ability to tackle both long distance and demanding urban applications, whatever the weather.

The range features a deep tread, an optimised mix of blades and robust blocks and a non-directional tread pattern. This makes them highly versatile and ideal for the operator who has to work in different climates and types of journey. The Fulda REGIO Series 3 range also has the Three Peak Mountain Snow Flake (3PMSF) marking on all axle positions, compliant with the most restrictive winter legislations.

Steering to sustainability

The REGIOCONTROL 3 steer tyre includes a robust 5-rib tread design with solid shoulder ribs to reduce shoulder wear. Compared to its predecessor, the wearable rubber volume has been increased by up to 4% resulting in higher mileage. The distinctive tread pattern has zig-zag sipes to increase grip. Selected sizes have a higher load capability. This makes it ideal for the latest generation of trucks that have a higher weight over the front axle due to EURO 6 and electrification-related components.

Driving force

The drive tyre, REGIOFORCE 3, also has a robust 5-rib, zig-zag groove tread design and semi-open shoulder ribs with stiffeners. This innovation improves water drainage and reduces shoulder wear, providing the traction and mileage potential that value-seeking fleet operators demand. Both the REGIOFORCE 3 and REGIOCONTROL 3 are retreadable and regroovable. This gives an increased service life and reduces the total cost of ownership for operators.

All weather and high-load capability

A high-load trailer tyre requires the same type of technology as the tsractor unit in order to deliver all-weather performance. The REGIOTONN 3 delivers this performance by having deep sipes down to two-thirds of the full tread depth. This means that the tyre provides excellent trailer stability until late in the tyre’s life. Fulda’s innovative design means the REGIOTONN 3 also offers a low rolling resistance, helping fuel efficiency.

The Fulda REGIO Series 3 range is addressing the needs of fleets that are looking for a versatile solution for all on road applications and for exceptional value for money from a trusted brand.




















  1. In comparison to its predecessor