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Dunlop offers winter performance to SUV drivers

Dunlop leverages its extensive Winter Sport range heritage to deliver a high-performance tire for SUVs: the Winter Sport 5 SUV

Winter performance ranks high in the minds of car lovers when looking for winter tires. And with the rise of SUV sales, Dunlop has decided to leverage its winter tire expertise to deliver better grip and handling for SUV drivers. The new Winter Sport 5 SUV was made available in June 2016.

Better performance on snow for SUVs
There are many ways to react to winter conditions. While 50% of European drivers find icy and snowy roads the most challenging weather conditions to drive in , over 40% of car lovers seek winter performance. When buying winter tires, grip and handling will get their attention.

Another interesting phenomenon is the sharp increase in the production of SUVs and 4x4 vehicles; an increase which is only expected to continue in the coming years . The growing demand for SUV tires that comes along with this development, combined with the outstanding Winter Sport 5 test results (crowned test winner by AutoBild and SportsCars, “highly recommendable” by Auto Motor und Sport and “recommendable” for the ACE Test) created a natural demand for new SUV sizes.

Martijn De Jonge, Goodyear Dunlop’s Director Brand Consumer EMEA: “Like winter conditions, SUVs call for specific characteristics from the tire. SUVs have a higher center of gravity and are also heavier. Therefore, forces applying to the tire are stronger, making braking and handling more challenging. Special features are required to maintain control on the road. This is why our engineers have leveraged the best of our winter and SUV expertise to meet these requirements and our customers’ expectations. The result is the Winter Sport 5 SUV, which demonstrates enhanced grip and handling capabilities.

Excellent grip and performance to tackle a variety of winter surfaces
The Winter Sport 5 SUV meets the customers’ most important requirements.

  • When asked about winter tire benefits of key importance, 89% of car lovers agree on "excellent grip on wet roads" and 83% mention "excellent resistance to aquaplaning". The Winter Sport 5 SUV demonstrates improved aquaplaning defense thanks to amplified depth of grooves, evacuating bigger volumes of water.
  • 88% of car enthusiasts consider "excellent cornering on wet roads" a key tire benefit. The Winter Sport 5 SUV offers supreme lateral grip on slippery surfaces thanks to angled central sipes, now parallel to block edges, for an improved ability to open and grab onto surfaces.
  • An equally important tire benefit, "excellent grip on snow covered roads", is sought by 86% of car enthusiasts. The Winter Sport 5 SUV delivers enhanced performance on snow-covered roads thanks to the optimized number and geometry of its blocks, leading to increased rigidity and therefore uniform pressure distribution.

Fitment for the most exclusive cars
Dunlop's Winter Sport range can already be fitted with the most exclusive cars of many demanding car manufacturers. The range is now available to SUVs, with 14 sizes covering over 50% of the market .