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Dunlop introduce RoadSmart III SP front tyre

SP variant brings additional sport performance to the test-winning RoadSmart III range

Dunlop has widened its RoadSmart III range by adding an additional sporting variant of the award-winning tyre. The RoadSmart III SP front tyre goes on sale this month to complement the existing SP rear option and is suitable for sport-touring fitments on roadster and crossover models.

The standard RoadSmart III can enhance the handling characteristics of even very heavy touring bikes by boosting agility. In the 2018 Motorrad Sport Touring tyre test, RoadSmart III was the overall winner, with the leading German magazine proclaiming ‘In curves, its handling abilities were top-level’.

Dunlop’s philosophy of designing the right tyre for every type of rider meant there was an opportunity to refine the RoadSmart III for crossover and touring roadsters. The Sport Touring segment is widening, with models at the lightweight end overlapping into the hypersport sector and for bigger touring bikes to cross over towards the road adventure market. This broad scope has prompted Dunlop to ensure that their tyre range is tuned to suit a wide range of models.

At the sportier end of the market, the new Dunlop RoadSmart III SP front tyre (120/70ZR17) matches the existing RoadSmart III SP rear range (180/55ZR17 and 190/55ZR17). These SP variants aim to improve high-speed stability on models that are especially sensitive in this area and don’t require the design elements that help the standard RoadSmart III improve agility when fitted to bigger touring bikes.

Luca Davide Andreoni, Dunlop Motorcycle Europe Marketing Manager explained: “The basic construction of the SP front is the same as the test winning standard RoadSmart III front, but it has a section shape and mould profile optimised for sportier bikes. This design is called Dynamic Front Formula (DFF) and combines an intricately balanced combination of mould shape, section profile, casing material properties and assembly processes.

“The aim of the RoadSmart III SP front is to provide owners of roadsters and crossover bikes with the same kind of feel and feedback you get from hypersport tyres. The standard RoadSmart III can make a bike feel lighter, which is ideal on bulkier touring bikes. For spirited riding, the SP’s slightly higher level of resistance to steering inputs can give more confidence and feel.”

To help riders choose the right RoadSmart III combination, Dunlop has included guidance for each model in their 2019 fitment guide. On some models Dunlop recommend using either the standard or the SP versions both front and rear. On other models, Dunlop recommend a mix of RoadSmart III standard and SP.

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