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Dunlop develop advanced concept tyre for the latest hand-built Krugger

•       Latest Krugger masterpiece,revealed this week, is based on Triumph Bonneville Bobber 1200

•       Dunlop commissioned to supply unique concept tyres to enhance the custom style.

Krugger Motorcycles have unveiled their latest handbuilt motorcycle, in partnership with Triumph Benelux and Dunlop.

As ever, motorcycle fans will be drawn to the unique beauty of a Krugger Special. But on the reimagined Bonneville Bobber 1200 they will also be intrigued by the tyre design.

Dunlop were commissioned to design a bespoke tyre that reflected the distinctive style of the modified Triumph.  The Dunlop Krugger tyre, based on the brand’s proven Alpha-13 construction, showcases some of Dunlop’s innovative thinking on the future of tyre design.

The ‘Dunlop Alpha-13 Krugger’ features a laser carved tread pattern. The distinctive matt effect tread pattern is designed to offer a quicker warm-up, ideal for the short, quick rides that owners of Custom-style bikes typically enjoy. As these type of bikes tend to be used in drag-race style demonstrations, the textured pattern will aid traction from a cold start.

The laser carving process also gave Dunlop the opportunity to incorporate the Krugger logo in the tread surface of the tyre. Dunlop chose to base the Krugger concept tyre on the Alpha-13 to take advantage of its proven ability on road and track. MultiTread compound is a key feature of the Alpha-13 and the textured pattern highlights the centre tread area, where the compound has been developed to maximise traction under hard acceleration.

The Dunlop Alpha-13 is used in competition around the world, including in American AMA series and the UK Thundersport events.

Krugger has a long history of creating customised motorcycles. Since 2002, the company has won over 30 international awards for their coachbuilt specials. They turned to Dunlop for their Yard Built Supercharged Yamaha SR400 in 2016, and continue this partnership with the Bobber  .

Fred Krugger, explained the personal involvement he had with the development of the concept tyre. “The Dunlop designers at their Luxembourg Innovation Centre invited me to explain what I needed from the tyre, both to enhance the performance and reflect the style and image of the Bobber. It was a privilege to be able to see the tyre designers at work and influence the tyre design so it is truly and integrated part of the look of the motorcycle’