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With the development of the UltraGrip Ice SUV, Goodyear delivers ice performance for SUVs in extreme winter conditions

Goodyear has put the best of its winter expertise in the development of an Ultra Grip Performance tire fitted for SUVs. The tire technologies have been further improved to meet the specific requirements of extreme winter countries and of SUVs - the tread compound, for instance, creates special stickiness adapted to very cold temperatures. Goodyear’s UltraGrip Ice SUV will be available as of July 1st, 2016.

Better braking on icy roads
In the arctic region, specific tire features are required to deliver grip in extreme winter conditions. One of those key features developed by Goodyear’s engineers is the IceGrip compound. This soft compound maintains high flexibility at very low temperatures – which means low stiffness and more stickiness, therefore delivering optimal driving performance with strong grip on ice and snow.

The attached graph illustrates how the IceGrip compound behaves at very low temperatures compared to summer or standard winter compounds, ensuring grip in harsh winter circumstances.

Next to adapting the tire for ice surfaces, Goodyear looked into the specific requirements for SUVs. These vehicles are heavier, increasing the load on the tire, with particular features needed to help ensure grip and handling.
This is where the ActiveGrip Technology plays an important role. In order to resist these bigger forces, the footprint has been increased. More rubber on the road means more surface contact, leading to improved stability and enhanced grip and braking performance.

Moreover, the tread pattern has been adapted for SUVs to deliver optimal braking and traction on snowy and icy roads: the tire blocks are now angled – as opposed to the previous straight shape -, a feature which is designed to improve grip.

Finally, the UltraGrip Ice SUV is also equipped with the TOP Indicator Technology: a snow symbol on the tire, which gradually disappears with tire usage. Once completely erased, the tire needs to be replaced to help ensure optimal winter performance.

Practical information
Goodyear’s UltraGrip Ice SUV will be available in 14 selected SKUs to deliver a market coverage of 47%.