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Top Isle of Man TT riders on why they’ve chosen Dunlop for 2018

  • Dunlop seeking 13th consecutive Senior TT win
  • 9 of the top 17 riders choose Dunlop
  • Dunlop aims to increase number of podium caps in 2018

The Isle of Man TT, arguably the most famous road race in the world, gets underway on Saturday 2nd June, after a week of practice for the riders tackling the iconic 37.73-mile TT Mountain Course. In an event that features open tyre competition between the manufacturers, Dunlop actively competes to develop motorcycle tyre technology. Many of the riders choose Dunlop year after year, citing enhanced performance, grip and confidence among the key attributes. 

Dunlop, a name irrevocably linked to the TT has competed at every event held since 1907 and has helped riders to not only win races, but to break countless records along the way. Dunlop applies those learnings, and its FIM Endurance World Championship-winning technology, to develop tyres suitable for all solo classes and all bikes. As practice continues ahead of the first Superbike race on Saturday, here’s a look at some of the top seeded riders who have chosen Dunlop in 2018 and why:

#1 Conor Cummins – Padgetts Motorcycles  – 2 podiums, looking for a first TT victory
“I believe we’ve got a great package this year, with the Padgetts Motorcycles Honda and the Dunlop tyres. I go into this year injury free and I’m feeling good, looking for the first win. With the Dunlop tyres comes great grip, and hopefully for me this year they’ll be race winning tyres.”

#4 Ian Hutchinson – Honda Racing – record-breaking five wins in one year (2010), 16-time TT winner
“I switched to Dunlop in 2017 because of the previous success I’d had on them, and at the time I wasn’t getting that success on what I was on. I felt that to have the best overall package in every class I needed to be with Dunlop. My first experience was in British Supersport on the Honda and I remember even then the grip being phenomenal.”

#6 Michael Dunlop – Tyco BMW/MD Racing – outright lap record holder 133.962mph – 15 TT wins
“I’ve ridden for Dunlop pretty much since I started. I know the tyres well, I know what they give me, and the way they make me feel on the bike, they just do the job I need. You’ve got to be able to push right from word go and you can. The guys at Dunlop make all the changes they need to size and compounds, but for me they never really change and that’s what I like about them. What you get on the first lap stays – I proved that in 2016 in setting the first sub 17-minute lap on the first and again on the second lap.”

#9 David Johnson – Gulf BMW
“I’ve been with Dunlop since I started at the TT, they’ve looked after me throughout my career and I think they’re the best tyre for the job. You can push pretty much from the start, even on the front tyre through Quarterbridge, and you have to as you’ve got guys settings 133s from a standing start, but it’s no problem on the Dunlops, even on the second lap they’re so predictable, which you need at the TT.”

#10 Peter Hickman – Smiths Racing BMW/Trooper Triumph by Smiths Racing/KMR Kawasaki – Fastest newcomer (2014) – five podiums from five races in 2017
“Dunlop tyres have been right by my side since I started, they were the first tyre I ever raced on, so I have a long history with them. When I did my first TT, because it’s open tyre competition I went straight to Dunlop and since then I’ve not ridden anything else on the roads. They offer the consistency that’s essential and for me they’re pivotal to the TT. There’s now more riders jumping across to Dunlop and that’s because the people that are winning are on Dunlop.”

#11 Josh Brookes – Norton Motorcycles/McAms Yamaha – rode Norton to fastest lap by a British motorcycle
“As a relative newcomer to the TT, I rely on Dunlop to give me the information I need, and I know I can put my trust in them. The rear tyre is a huge focus for most riders, looking for more grip and drive, but for me having a front tyre that works well is equally important.  Since I’ve been with Dunlop, I ride on the tyres, and give them my feedback, and so far, it’s been a very positive experience.”

#13 Lee Johnston – Honda Racing/Padgetts Racing/Team Mugen – double podium finisher & Dunlop test & development rider
“As test and development rider, I’m now getting the chance to try loads more tyres, every time there are 2 or 3 different tyres to try and it’s been incredible to see the amount of effort the entire Dunlop team puts in. I’ve been racing on Dunlop my whole career, there have been some big changes in that time, but one of the most significant for me was switching to the 205 rear.”