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Rising star of the Russian parkour performs incredible stunts at base of the legendary KAMAZ-master racing team


Russia's top tracer and member of the world's parkour elite, Evgeny ‘Archie’ Aroyan performed extreme maneuvers at the KAMAZ-master base in Naberezhnye Chelny city. 

The legendary KAMAZ-master racing team, which won the international Silk Way Rally in July as well as occupied the full top 3 podium at Dakar 2021 and Evgeny Aroyan, who won bronze in the most prestigious world freerunning competition Red Bull Art of Motion joint forces. This champion partnership, resulted in an extraordinary video also featuring KAMAZ-master chief Vladimir Chagin. Goodyear, one of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, became a partner of the creative collaboration between KAMAZ-master and Red Bull.

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Archie premiered new combinations of complicated freerunning elements with the iconic trucks in the background, playing a model employee who rushes through the workplace and overcomes incredible obstacles on his way, while Vladimir Chagin appeared in the customary role of strict but fair team manager. A

Archie managed to pull off a two-metre high double-bullet, a 360° front flip on a truck in motion, other breathtaking stunts precisely performed on Goodyear tyres can be seen in the exciting video on

As Evgeny Aroyan said: ‘I was doing all freerunning elements in this video for the first time in such unusual circumstances. During training, I came up with completely new combinations of well-known maneuvers to meet this special project, the unusual location and performance conditions added as well to the challenge. Even I can't believe I managed to do it all!’

Vladimir Chagin revealed: ‘In this unique project, many things had to be done for the first time by both Evgeny and our team. Despite the video's playful format, the tasks performed by our vehicles and participants were a challenge and a good training for the upcoming competitions when it comes to precision manoeuvring, teamwork and detailed testing of many work processes.  I'm committed to motorsport, but I found myself also attracted to the parkour “no limits” philosophy. All obstacles can be overcome; almost nothing in life is impossible.’

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KAMAZ-master team

The team was founded in 1988. KAMAZ-master won the Dakar rally 18 times, the international Silk Way Rally 9 times and is a strong leader in the Russian rally-raid championships.

Today the KAMAZ-master team consists of 16 Masters of Sports of International Class, 12 Merited Masters of Sports of Russia, 16 Masters of Sports.

The team is the only team amongst the international rallying elite entirely designing, engineering and building their trucks. This summer, the team unveiled a brand-new model with a K5 cab—the KAMAZ-435091.

Evgeny ‘Archie’ Aroyan 

Evgeny Aroyan was born in the city of Biysk in Altai Krai, Russia. When he was 15, Archie became seriously interested in parkour and decided to become a professional athlete. Years of training did not go to waste, as the Russian tracer topped the world's parkour elite in freestyle in 2019. First, Evgeny placed third in the FISE Hiroshima, took the silver in the FISE Montpellier and, finally, won the FIG Parkour World Cup. The athlete didn't stop there and won the World Urban Games 2019 (WAG) in Budapest, before taking home the gold medals at Chase Tag Sweden 2019 in Malmö. Aroyan performs the Japanese style of parkour, characterised by complex tricks. Archie constantly pushes his own limits and keeps on raising the bar of future freestyle. On July 10, the athlete won bronze in the international Red Bull Art of Motion freerunning competition held in a unique location in Greece—on sailing yachts in the Mikrolimano port in Piraeus.