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Research pinpoints fuel-efficient vehicles as Millennials' top priority for future sustainable transport initiatives

- New "ThinkGoodMobility" research focusses on views of future scientists, engineers and designers in 12 European markets on the future of mobility
- Most Millennials (85%) believe they will own a car in 10 years
- Sustainable cars and associated technology were chosen as biggest challenge for the automotive industry in the next decade
- Millennials believe fuel-efficient vehicles should be the focus of sustainability efforts in 2025
- Young people see regulation and incentives as essential steps in achieving this and meeting the challenges of the next decade

BRUSSELS, Belgium, July 20 2015 - Millennials in Europe want an eco-friendly future and see the benefits of sustainable vehicles in helping to deliver this. According to new findings from Goodyear Dunlop Tires Europe (GDTE) in association with ThinkYoung, a majority (59.3%) predict that, in the next 10 years, the biggest challenge for the automotive industry will be to build sustainable cars with a focus on environmentally friendly technology.

Developments in transport and mobility are essential in keeping up with the rapidly changing needs of the global population, which prompted this new piece of research from Goodyear. "ThinkGoodMobility" surveyed more than 2500 university students (aged 18-30), studying science, technology, engineering, art and design, and maths from 12 countries giving a voice to the very people who will be shaping the future of mobility in 2025. With the aim of moving this generation forward and helping them realise the advantages future mobility could present them, this survey provides comprehensive insights into where they see the biggest challenges as well as the according development needs in mobility.