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New Goodyear Newton EN Premium Mountain Bike tire takes home the win

A new Goodyear mountain bike tire has won a large group test of rear MTB tires in its first outing against market leaders. Mountain Biking UK (MBUK), one of UK’s largest mountain bike publications, awarded the Newton EN Premium both the ‘Most Wanted’ and ‘Winner’ badges.[1]

After a successful debut for Goodyear’s new road, transit, all-terrain and mountain bike tires, this was the first magazine test. MBUK took the Goodyear Newton EN Premium Dynamic:R/T for a ride and pushed it to its limits. The British magazine found that the tire’s tread design offers superior braking traction on steep, loose terrain and declared it to be ‘a great option for aggressive trail riding’.

Goodyear Newton

Featuring a fast-rolling center tread, firmly supported side knobs, and advanced compounds, the Newton provides surefooted traction in a wide range of conditions. As befitting a tire named after the man who defined the laws of gravity and motion, the Newton is the enduro and downhill rider’s choice; it’s the tire to reach for when the terrain gets steep.

Available in two models: Utilizing an EN casing paired with our R/T rubber compound, the Newton EN is lightweight with sturdy tread blocks. The Newton DH pairs our most robust casing with our softest RS/T rubber compound for unrivaled durability and traction.

About Goodyear Premium Bicycle Tires

Goodyear is one of the world’s largest tire companies and a leader in applying innovation excellence to products and services that provide solutions. The Goodyear premium bicycle tire line is purpose-built to enhance each journey with superior reliability, style and performance, wherever a favorite road or trail leads.

[1] MBUK (UK), July 2018 Issue