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New all-season Debica Navigator 3 tire ready for all weather conditions

New all-season Debica Navigator 3 tire ready for all weather conditions


  • Debica launches new improved all-season tire 
  • 29 fitments from 14” to 18” rims 

Debica has launched its new Navigator 3 all-season tire to provide proven performance on wet roads and confident control on snow, while maintaining durability and fuel efficiency. 

The all-season tire segment is one of the fastest growing in the tire industry. Research shows that three out of four consumers are interested in all-season tires1. Buyers of these tires look for three main characteristics: full control in all weather conditions, effective braking, and wet grip and equally good dry handling. To meet these needs, Debica developed the new Navigator 3, replacing the existing Navigator 2, which has been successfully used by millions of drivers. 

In developing the new model, Debica drew on its long-standing knowledge and understanding of consumers' expectations. The result is a tire that stands out in three important areas. 

The Debica Navigator 3 offers proven wet performance. This is thanks to a much more pronounced V-shaped tread pattern, which increases resistance to aquaplaning and the tire's ability to evacuate water from the tread earlier, improving wet grip and braking. 

The new tire also offers confident control on snow, thanks to the added wave-shaped sipes which, combined with the straight and longitudinal sipes, result in edges that are angled in multiple directions. This improves the tire's ability to bite into the snow and contributes to better grip. 

Importantly, the tire is durable and fuel-efficient, thanks to its polymer compound. The compound's abrasion resistance allows for longer mileage, while its ability to generate less heat and use less energy increases the tire's fuel efficiency. 

Marta Kosyra, Consumer Brand Marketing Manager EEN, Goodyear said: "We have worked intensively to develop a new all-season tire that combines the features that are most important to users, while also being cost-effective. We've achieved this balance and are proud to present the new Debica Navigator 3. We believe that, like its predecessor, the new all-season tire from Debica will gain recognition by millions of drivers and will confirm the brand's reign on Polish roads." 

The Debica Navigator 3 range comprises 29 new fitments, which will be gradually introduced into the market over the coming months. 

For more information about the tire, visit https://www.debica.com.pl/opony/88?tt=862. 

1 IPSOS all-season tire survey, December 2019, countries surveyed: Germany, Italy, UK, Poland; n=5005

About Debica

T.C. Debica S.A. was founded in 1937 and is a leading Polish manufacturer of tyres for cars, vans and trucks. In 1996 Goodyear became the majority shareholder of the company.