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MultiTread™ Maximises Mileage: Dunlop Introduces the All-New Elite 4 in Europe

Mileage test achieves over 24,000km (over 15,000 miles) – the equivalent of six USA Coast to Coast road trips*
Dunlop’s MultiTreadTM Technology boosts mileage and handling
New tread design for both wet grip and lower road noise.

Dunlop has launched the All-New Elite 4 in Europe, with technology designed to increase the mileage potential – a crucial factor in the cruiser and touring market.

Featuring Dunlop’s Multi-Tread™ (MT) rear tire technology, the Elite 4 is offered in a broad size range of seven front tires and four rear options to fit a huge variety of models.

Available in both bias and radial construction, the Elite 4’s MT technology in the rear tire uses a tough, long-wearing compound in the center of the tire for longer tread life, and special lateral compounds along the outside edges of the tread for cornering grip. This Multi-Tread technology is unique to Dunlop in this sector and is designed to provide both outstanding mileage and handling.

The most visible advantage of the Elite 4 is the new tread pattern. Aggressive in appearance, the pattern is an outgrowth of Dunlop’s famous cosecant-curve design first introduced in its race tire. This new pattern features a significant contact area and long tread grooves that put more rubber on the ground for greater dry grip and mileage.

This tread design brings several advantages. Firstly, these long grooves help evacuate water, contributing to greatly enhanced wet-weather performance as well.

Secondly, the tread is designed to provide even wear from centre to shoulder for consistent handling as the miles add up. And thirdly, both front and rear patterns were designed to limit road noise for a quieter ride.

Dmitri Talboom, European Product Manager for Dunlop claimed: “In many cases, riders will be able to double the mileage compared to the single-compound tires they previously had to choose from. In addition to being suitable for many new models, the Elite 4 gives new life to older bikes by offering better mileage, more wet and dry grip, less road noise and improved ride compliance, a huge benefit for both older and new machines”

A range of technologies

While Multi-Tread technology forms the central advantage of the Elite 4, other technologies round out the package. Dunlop’s continuously wound hexagonal bead construction—originally developed for Dunlop’s racing tires—stiffens the lower sidewall and supplies the rider with superior feel when cornering, as well as enhancing overall ride quality. 

Also included in the Elite 4’s broad size range are tires for Honda Gold Wings. The introduction of the new technologies on the rear tire improves mileage by five percent over the Elite 3 predecessor.

*Test performed in March of 2016 with 130/70R18 and 180/60R16 Dunlop Elite 4 tires on a 2007 model Honda® Gold Wing® GL1800. Mileage results may vary depending on riding style and road conditions.