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‘More than a motorcycle, a work of art’ . Dunlop chosen as partner for exclusive handbuilt Krugger " Yardbuilt" SR400.

9th June 2016

•       Krugger SR400 is a homage to the work of Valentino Rossi’s engineer, Bernard Ansiau.

•       Handbuilt, unique and powerful – Dunlop classic tyres chosen to provide the grip.

Krugger Motorcycles have built a cult following for their unique , customised motorcycles. Since 2002, the company has won over 30 international awards for their coachbuilt specials. Most recently, Krugger were crowned World Champion of custom bike building in 2014. (first World title in 2010 )

A Krugger may be a thing of beauty, but it also has to perform. For their latest exciting project, Krugger have appointed Dunlop as the tyre partner.

Company founder, Fred Krugger , has today unveiled a very special creation, based on a Yamaha SR400. The design is in honour of Bernard Ansiau, the long-time engineer and mechanic for MotoGP legend Valentino Rossi.

This Krugger SR400 has received Ansiau’s personal endorsement: "I am very impressed with what Fred Krugger has done as it relates to my personal history and my passion. This is not just a motorcycle anymore, it's a real work of art. Fred Krugger is a wizard and a true artist. I'm impressed. This is real art. "

The SR400 is equipped with Dunlop’s K82 and TT100tyres. These were chosen by Krugger for two main reasons. Firstly, the tyre uses technology inspired by Dunlop’s race winning classic moto tyres. The TT100 was named as it was the first road tyre to reach an average speed of over 100mph at the Isle of Man TT. But, importantly for a custom project, the Dunlop retains an authentic period appearance that complements the look of the Krugger.

Xavier Fraipont, Managing Director, Dunlop Motorcycle and Motorsport commented: “We are proud to be chosen for the Krugger project. Dunlop were chosen for Valentino’s 250GP and 125GP World Championship wins and this is project is a magnificent link to those successes. Also, we are committed to producing modern tyres with a classic style. These tyres, such as the TT100 and K82, are perfect for such a unique work of art”