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Meet Goodyear FIA ETRC Winner Norbert Kiss

​As the official tire supplier and title sponsor of the Goodyear FIA ETRC we look forward to the 2023 season. After a spectacular 2022 season of truck racing action, that demonstrated the performance and durability of our truck tire technology, the Goodyear FIA ETRC will continue to be an important proving ground for Goodyear tires. As a warm-up before the new season of competition, we conducted an interview with last year's winner Norbert Kiss who won his fourth title in the truck racing.

Norbert, how do you feel about the upcoming Goodyear FIA ETRC season?

I feel good about 2023. I think we had a really nice season at Goodyear FIA ETRC last year and a year which we can build on. We had many good experiences and learned a lot. For sure there are some things we can improve and be better!

What was the most remarkable moment you can recall from 2022?

The most remarkable moment for us, for sure, was the weekend at the Hungaroring. With the crash we had on Saturday and then the repair overnight to come back and take the pole position and a double win on Sunday was just a crazy two days.

What is the role of tires during the race and how much can they influence final results achieved by drivers?

Tires are very important, of course. I think it is very important to have a level of opportunity for everyone and I think Goodyear is making a great job in that with the tire lottery and the quality of the tires to keep it even for all. And then, of course, it is up to the teams with the setup of the truck and suspension and tires to extract the best performance which is always an exciting thing to figure out.

What would you say to all the truck racing fans who look forward to the season start in May?

I think truck racing is best when you come and visit the races. To see these huge machines on the circuits in real life - it is just amazing to see. Even after doing it for more than 10 years I am always amazed when I stop on the side of the circuit for some issue and to see the others from the outside. I think it's the most spectacular of all motorsports with easy access for the fans!

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